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November 28, 2009

Completely guilty of neglecting this place. Have just been enjoying the distractions of everyday life a bit too much! I do however have a massive backlog of photos built up from our daily excursions - so yes, expect regular posting on here from now on!

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The shoes are gorgeous Marcella and I love that belt. Beautiful as usual!


Tayler Worrell wrote:

gorgeous, i love the gray and gold together.

blkwhtbelize wrote:

hot outfit!!!

Hannah wrote:

i need trousers like this! gorgeous photos, nice to see nz is finally having some warmth :)

Chopstick wrote:

woohoo! i love your posts, so regular posting is a plus for me :D

Unknown wrote:

amazing shoes marcella! you're always fashion forward.

I Am Denise Katipunera

AMIT wrote:

Superb looking.You look great.

Kings Lingerie

Helen wrote:

hey girl! love those pants! awesome stuff!

morena wrote:


Malu Swartjes wrote:

wow, this perfectly matches!
Great outfit!


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Unknown wrote:

I think you look perfect!!

Mały Kosmos wrote:

Very elegant outfit! I adore gray colour & with golden accessories fits just perfect!

Unknown wrote:

Perfect, just perfect! The colours, the shape, the shoes with the belt, I love it!!

michellek wrote:

i really like the top did you make it yourself?

MidnightsSun wrote:

love the mix of grey tones!

Zhcsyra hp wrote:

love ur amazing heels and u looks s stunning at all :))

Christina wrote:

Your shoes are gorgeous! I love how your clothing is all neutral and then you accent with the gold! Lovely.


Unknown wrote:

The shoes, the pants...the outfit! Awesome outfit and looking forward to all the others you've got to show too....

FashionJazz wrote:

I luv ur trousers and shoes tog hun, this is the perfect look!! : ) xx

Meggstatus wrote:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meggstatus wrote:

The mixing of gray and blue is breathtaking and he gold adds just enough glamour to bring this from day to night. AMAZING

Ane wrote:

really love this outfit, and your shoes are wow

Amanda Lalique wrote:

Love the outfit. Great shoes. LOVE the belt. pretty original too

Kat wrote:

Woah, I cannot get over these heels! So HOT! Where did you find them?!!!

Pimpleton wrote:


Bubu wrote:

great photos, super blog yeahhh

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