sheer indulgence

November 17, 2009

Doing nothing at all has never felt this good - spent the day just lazing around, drinking ice tea and generally emptying out the remnants of any leftover knowledge from exams. Tomorrow I'm tackling the magazine rack at Borders...

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Unknown wrote:

love the dress marcella! and it's so cool you wore it with a great pair of washed denim jacket. cute look. You always get it so right.

have a great day!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

omg! you're so sexy, marcella.
the sheer and fitted dress really shows your curvaceous body. oh boy, i envy you for having that great body.

Mads wrote:

Love the asymmetric sheerness of your dress! you're so sexy. that is the best part of a stressful week, swimming in a pool of magazines.. glad exams are over.


kim wrote:

beautiful dress :)

Clothes Are Cute (Suz) wrote:

stunning look!

Alice. wrote:

This dress if fab! I love it with the jacket :)

Malu Swartjes wrote:

Wow, love the dress!
those shoes are amazing:D


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Wow Marcella, you look amazing in that dress. I love it and it really shows off your legs. The heels are perfect too. Great job.....


Unknown wrote:

Geez, what DON'T i like....the shoes, the back pack, and of course the DRESS...i love the whole look. Ha, my word verification is 'singe'...I'm sure you did singe everything you walked past in this hot look. ON FIRE!!!

Helen wrote:

hi hun! glad exams are over for you!

that dress looks beautiful!! hot mama ;D haha

helen x

Anonymous wrote:

Stunning. That little jacket goes perfectly with that gorgeous dress.

Anonymous wrote:

how beautiful you are ! love love the denim over dress w/ sheer faux-cut out, fantastic, xx

Mariloé wrote:

hey marcella

You are on BLOG GOSSIP. It's still new.

It would be nice if you follow BG.

GO on! BG likes you!


Chopstick wrote:

Sheer = cool! Also, you've been tagged for a blog award! ;)

Fashionstyle wrote:

Beautiful !!!

Meg wrote:

I love that dress, especially with the cute denim jacket.

Vertiginoso wrote:

Woooow Dear Marcella this Stunning "Really made for your curves" Dress must be tagged "with a high content of sublimating SEXYness" !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

morena wrote:

Love the picture ! u r so beautifull !!

agatiszka wrote:

You look stunning in this dress, prefect body!!

Fashion Nicotine wrote:


Angelika wrote:

Amazing clothes! I love your jeans jacket.

MidnightsSun wrote:

beautiful styling!!


Dylana Suarez wrote:

Beautiful! You have amazing style! I am following you!

Lovely blog!

FESI-NOIR wrote:

This is amazing, love the dress, shoes! I love everything about this outfit!

AMIT wrote:

I just love the black dress.Its dashing.

Beauty Blog

Anonymous wrote:

loooove this look- you look hot!! where is your dress from? xo, Mel


Really hot outfit...i like your denim jacket...the sunlight back lighting in one of the middle shots is so gorgeous!

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

STUNNING!!! I love everything everything everything in this post!! The sheer dress, the washed denim jacket, the slouchy bag, the heels! Everything looks so gorgeous on you... plus, you've got the bod and legs to pull it off!

I know how you feel about being finished with exams -- you must feel so free now! :)


Mads wrote:

Hi Marcella thanks for the link! can't wait for more of your outfit posts..=)

Ashley wrote:

Love the sheer inserts in the dress...gorgeous.

Anonymous wrote:

omg that dress is AMAZING and you have the body to pull it off, where's is from???

Anonymous wrote:

OMG you always have such beautiful shoes. And this dress, ah, gorgeous!

FashionJazz wrote:

U look gorgeous!! I would give anything, just to do nothing for a while : ) xxxx

workhard wrote:

Thats a beautiful outfit.. and the shoes.. are to die for!!!!!!!!!

Lingerie Blog

A wrote:

dying over your shoes collection.

xxx Alex and Amy

Annabelle Rachael Taylor wrote:

seen this dress a few times now, want it so bad, literally all my dresses are black. x

Fashion Konundrum wrote:

First time on your blog! Wow, amazing fashion style, I particularly love this dress - but how can I not with a frame like yours!


The Fashion Cloud wrote:

That is one incredible dress, then again your style is pretty amazing too.
love the blog


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