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November 22, 2009

I've accumulated a few pretty trinkets in the form of blog awards lately from Natelle, Vali, Fashion Westie, Jasna and Lauren. Because some of them were either the same or just very similar I think I'll combine 'em all up into one and reveal a few of my guilty pleasures...

#1 Facebook. During exam time, I live here.

#2 Tazo tea. More of a coffee person than a tea drinker usually, but for this I have to make an exception.

#3 Shoes. I practically have a new pair featured with every post I do on here so you can imagine the floorspace I have dedicated to my collection...

image via Google

#4 Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. Perfection in a bottle.

#5 Edward Cullen. Ah, I'm fresh from New Moon so I gotta mention my favourite vampire boy. I mean c'mon, I die a little everytime I look at the guy.

Since there's just way too many blogs I'd like to tag, and I'm not sure who's already got what, I'm leaving this open to anyone and everyone who'd like to do a list of their own :)

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Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

hee sooo amaaazing! hehe where's everything fromm! i want the boots the blazer and the dress :D

Kiira wrote:

Edward's juste perrfection. Loving the zip-booties ♥

Tayler Worrell wrote:

you are so right, fashion is such a distraction. I consider it as my hobby though. and every one needs time to have a hobby right? <3

Helen wrote:

hehe thanks! only 4 more days until im free to blog again =D im so excited! omgosh i love flowerbomb too! sooo nice xD

helen x

JINX wrote:

i'm so envious of your photos... i looking to buy a new camera, either a Nikon or Canon...what brand and model do you use....

Hannah wrote:

the mix of studs and zips with that crisp white blazer is such a rad look... i need a jacket like this for work! banana is pretty ok by the way, we get a pretty mean discount haha.

still thinking of nz... miss the sun!

Unknown wrote:

Ha ha..flowerbomb...mmmm...those zip up boots are the you tend to buy online? (Suz) wrote:

amazing dress!

Anonymous wrote:

LOve your shoes and New Moon. Though I kind of liked Jacob better in this one...

Mom Fashion World wrote:

how come you're so gorgeous all the time?
you know you can really be a model.
you got it all. you have a nice body figure.
marcella- i love your studded dress and zipper shoes!!! so damn HAWT on you!

Pati wrote:

i loved the dress, boots... the all look!
I love your blog!

Magali wrote:

You look awesome! Love this gorgous blazer and the dress!!



I love everything. I also have a shoe addiction =)


Unknown wrote:

OMG those zipper boots are just PERFECT! And I adore your dress!!

FashionJazz wrote:

Totally luv ur outfit hun!! I used to have a handbag addiction, but it has now gone into shoes, so yes I can relate : ) Hope u well and have a super stunning week : ) xxx

workhard wrote:

Those heels are killer heels.. and i the dress is lovely...

Lingerie Blog

Taylor Sterling wrote:

I love this post! You look stunning, I love flower bomb, and the shoe collection!

The Jodi(e)s wrote:

what a killer dress!
i, too, am a coffee drinket but tazo iced tea is soooooo refreshing.
and i just saw new moon this weekend too - it was perfect.
just like the dreamy vampire who stars in it...mmmm.

MidnightsSun wrote:

the zips and studs offset each other perfectly!

A wrote:

The zip booties are incredible.... love. Facebook is my demise when there is no time... yet when I have time to spend hours on there, I'm somehow then uninterested.
Edward... oh edward.

Thanks for checking us out and leaving the kind words.

xx from San Franciso.
Alex and Amy

Stephanie Kim wrote:

the photography in those pictures of you are really beautiful! and the outfit aint too shabby either ;)

Anonymous wrote:

gorgeous shoulderpads! such a nice crisp summer blazer! Ive been looking for similar for my trademe store!

check out my blog

styledigger wrote:

Perfect dress, perfect booties, perfect blazer, I just love it!

Anika wrote:

Droooool...those shoes are divine, gorgeous girl! And now I really want to see your shoe compartment. I recently downsized and plan to sell a heck of a lot at the markets.

p.s. watched New Moon and was very pleasantly surprised (Twilight was disgracefully bad!). And hello wolfies ;)

But in all seriousness, Charlie Swan is the hottest man in that film. And that mo haha ;)

Congrats on the award too bella!

Annabelle Rachael Taylor wrote:

you have such a beautiful look. love your style.

hope you have time to go look.

rosalita fashionista wrote:

i die for your boots, and actually your whole collection! I see you have purple suede ysl tribute maryjanes-I have those too!!!!!

Closet Full of Nothing wrote:

Hot hot hot, love your look from head to toe! esp the shoes!! you must have a crazyyy shoe collection, i would probably drool over ;) Amazing blog you have here, would love to exchange links :)

Unknown wrote:

your style is amazing. I love your jacket

ak wrote:

such good pics..and mmmmm edward. no words for him <33

I V Y wrote:

omg i hate you, you're too stylish haha.

Alyssa Roman wrote:

A blazer, and zippers, and studs oh my!
What I love about your shoe collection is that it is so diverse. You have a little bit of everything!

Nguyen-XO wrote:

Killer heels <3

Unknown wrote:

i gasped for air as I look at your photos. your outfit is breathtaking. and your shoes collection is to die for!!! your style is too cool for words.

michellek wrote:

omigoodness i die looking at your shoe collection. wow and i adore the zipper boots which are every way gorgeous and chic. wowie

Pimpleton wrote:


Bubu wrote:

wowwww, are your shoes???

Unknown wrote:

I am in awe at your shoe collection. I'd like to start one of my own, but I was hoping to ask you for some tips. Do you go to a place that sells these brand name shoes cheap? Or are they all bought online? Is there any way to save money when I build my shoe collection?

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