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November 1, 2009

In a zippy mood after running errands around the city in such glorious weather. It occurs to me too that the composition of my wardrobe is such that its effective size practically triples in summer. Happiness.

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Alice wrote:

i wish we had such a beautiful weather in Poland;) (now it is very cold and we must wear hat, scarf and warm jacket).

Great pictures and nice dress:)


Hannah wrote:

love the colours here - and that is such a rad idea with the belts xx

Unknown wrote:

love the coolness of this outfit.

your hair, belt and shoe perfectly matches. so cute really. Perfect shade of brown.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Malu Swartjes wrote:

Great outfit:D
Love the belt idea!


Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

Helen wrote:

look at those nice legs!! paired with those heels! love this gorgeous outfit marcella! hope youve been well!


ps and great photography too ;D

Helen wrote:

oh and darl.. im going to get an SLR soon and I need you and your bfs expertise! any suggestions? what are you guys using atm?


Anna-RUCIAPRADA wrote:

love your dress!!you look amazing!!
visit me; (Suz) wrote:

love this! the belt and shoes are a perfect match!

Anika wrote:

Woah, hello glamazon!!! Loooooove this outfit to bits!

The double belts, inspired!

And the brown and turquoise is a killer combo.

p.s. how the hell do you look so gorgeously put together all the time?!?!! Gah ;)

Have a fab week, you sexpot you :D

kulululu wrote:

i love your hair, what colour is that?


I love what you did with those belts! Those are two belts, right? It looks so good with that blue/green dress. I am jealous of your weather =) Well, I hope you are doing well Marcella! xoxo

morena wrote:

Great outfit :)
I love the dress!!!!

agatiszka wrote:

Love your dress!!

Unknown wrote:

Echo the comments re: double happy on the belts!

I really like your bag-vintage?

And I'm looking forward to your lists...i NEVER realised I was not alone in the sweetened condensed milk thing, wow.

Tamia wrote:

LOVING the double belts! And the whole amazing weather thing is making me consider relocating to southern least from November-March.


Becky Tjandera wrote:

what a lovely look ! fall in love with your dress and shoes :) the double belts idea is awesome !

moded'amour wrote:

love your dress!!

Ashley Dy wrote:

Woah you're gorgeous!!! Love the outfit so much!!!

Anonymous wrote:

Hey Marcella, you look great in the teal color! Love the brown details too.

xo, Becs

Magali wrote:

This dress is really gorgeous, and i love the belt detail!

FashionJazz wrote:

Really luv ur dress and belt together!! Super chic!! Have a lovely day hun! : ) xxx

lilmisszolicious wrote:

you look gorgeous, love the shoes and the belt. You rock the shirt-dress with accesoiries. You are beautiful.

xoxo zola

cocorosa wrote:

wow wow wow :)

Marika Callangan wrote:

great photos! love them! and that dress-shirt is just gorgeous, i super love it!

Bubu wrote:

perfect outfit!!!

dekker05 wrote:

merges perfectly with the dress high heels, sexy

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