October 27, 2009

I was totally thrilled when leggings designer extraordinaire, James Lillis, got in touch with me and offered to send me a piece from his collection. After a good half hour's agonising over my decision I finally settled on these breathtaking Gold Spartans. It's safe to say they exceed all expectations. Fit like a dream and the craftmanship is just absolutely immaculate. If you haven't already, make sure you check his work out here.

With exams coming up, technically I should really be giving blogging a break but in reality the opposite always seems to occur. I guess we'll see. Oh and for those who asked about our new camera? It's the sexy new Canon 7D that was just released ;)

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Helen wrote:

how unique are those leggings! you kinda remind me of wonder woman for some reason! haha but your jacket is awesome! beautiful!

helen x

Unknown wrote:

maecella that jacket is so beautiful and lucky you for having that extraordinary legging.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Stefanie wrote:

Wow they are amazing! And so is the jacket, where is that from? It would be great if you posted where your items come from more!


Amazing girl! I heard about Black Milk leggings from Kingdom of Style and thought they were so rock them out sooo well!! I love that first picture of you, so dreamy. All the best for your exam prep. x

Fash!onista wrote:

i LOVE the legging !!!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Woooow these "Really made for your BODY" leggings are utterly Breathtaking !!! Their "futuristic-like" side combined with your sexy/sulky prestance and this ethereal light achieve to create such a Mesmerizing effect . . .
ps: With all my sincere "cyber moral support" for your exams Dear Marcella .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Chicago Chic wrote:

Beautiful photos. Love the jacket!

bisou-joue wrote:

love your leggings they're so stunning ! You look so great girl !

Alice. wrote:

Aha, love the leggings, look great in them you do! :)

Becky Tjandera wrote:

oh my what a cool look ! totally fall in love with your jacket and those leggings are amazing !

LaurenSchoon wrote:

Ahh, those leggings are amazing!!


wow, you look amazing in those leggings and I like how you paired it with the jacket. Love the whole look Marcella!

Malu Swartjes wrote:

Great leggings!


Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

Unknown wrote:

What a fantastic outfit!! The jacket and leggings are out of this world-you're a lucky girl...jealous :) (Suz) wrote:

wow, the leggings are stunning! want them!

Taylor Sterling wrote:

wow great pics of you those leggings are so unique!

Chopstick wrote:


The Pocket Stylist wrote:

LOVE the leggings and that kacket is to die for!!! The booties too oh heck I love it all. Kisses

agatiszka wrote:

Wow what a grest leggins and jacket!!

Unknown wrote:

I love jL's creations! Those leggings are so you - they look great with those killer heels :)

Noelle Chantal wrote:

hi, Marcella! the leggings look so great on you. stunning for your style! and i really like how you paired them with that kind of leather jacket, looks so right with the rest of the pieces! plus with those shoes too -perfect look as usual.

the photos are getting better and better. :)

and goodluck on your exams!

INES wrote:

great look

FashionJazz wrote:

These are amazing leggings Marcella!!! Luv them! Hope u have a lovely weekend! : ) xx

Unknown wrote:

Hey there. Thought I'd let you know that I nominated your blog for the Divine Blog Award, so check it out at

Still in love with them leggings...

Brittany wrote:

Great leggings!

Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

hotttttttt omg

Tamia wrote:

Wow, you look like a friggin' superhero! In a totally sexy badass way, of course.


Zhcsyra hp wrote:

woowh u looks stunning!!!
love ur shoes <3333

MidnightsSun wrote:

spectacular leggings! and the heels complement them perfectly

Anonymous wrote:


Krizia wrote:

Wow, love it!

x Krizia

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