nz fashion week part II

October 14, 2009

Heavy picture post warning!

The Serena Fagence show was accompanied by an amazing live performance from Bionic Pixie.

Loved this girl below, Ajoh, she had incredible stage presence and real international potential.

GHD new generation show

Long overdue photos from FW. Designers at this show included emmaford, ISBIM, CHAPEL, Trix & Dandy, Whiri, Serena Fagence, and (my personal favourite) Tara Cunniffe.

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Hannah wrote:

ajoh is so gorgeous i loved her on nz's next top model! awesome pictures.


Helen wrote:

awesome pics! glad you finally got around to posting them up! hope youre well marcella!!

helen x

ps. are you going to Big Day Out in NZ? im thinking about going the NZ one cause all the tickets are sold out for Sydney =( which is disappointing. itll be an excuse for a mini holiday. =D

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i'm absolutely jealous you
watched the fashion week.
honestly, i haven't been to any fashion week yet.
all i can say on the collections are terrific and awesome!

Anonymous wrote:

thanks for the beautiful shots Marcella :) Love the dress Ajoh is wearing! What designer was that?

Chopstick wrote:

GREAT pictures!!!! they're fantastic. So clear, well placed. I particularly love pictures 8 and 9 from the top down. :)

FashionJazz wrote:

Oh these are amazing pics my dear, stunning and thanks so much for sharing!!

Kandace wrote:

That orange and black dress is to die for! Who am I kidding I love it all, including the big fluffy ponytails. By the way, I entered into a contest (Project Green Search) to be their next Green It Girl. You should totally vote for me. There's a link in my last post :)


Thanks for sharing all your amazing photos with us!

I enjoyed them!


The Pocket Stylist wrote:

Love these pic's they are so inspiring!!!

pumps & luiers wrote:

fantastic pics, did you take them yourself?

btw i've posted my spicy shoot pics

Anika wrote:

I can't tell you how much I freaking love NZ designers. Your designers rock. I loooove these looks. ppppppeerffect. Damnit.

Unknown wrote:

hello, may i know who designed the last few? i love the white/coral and white/blue getups. thanks.

AMIT wrote:

Hey just wonderful pictures of fashion week.

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