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October 5, 2009

I have been dying to post a few new things I've gotten lately, but weather hasn't been permitting, so for now they are quietly burning a hole in my closet. I've had to make do with these old photos I scrounged up in my images folder instead.

Completely forgotten how much I love these boots. Haven't worn them since last season, and only because I haven't had to chance to rotate around all my shoe choices. It's gotten to the point where even I admit that there are just not enough days in the month for me to wear everything I own. Not that I am complaining!

On a side note, La Mimi is running a poll for all the ladies she's ever interviewed for her Fashion Idol feature, would love it if you guys could vote for me here!

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kulululu wrote:

u are to perfect to be true;)

Helen wrote:

oh those boots are so awesome! havent seen you wear them before! should definately include it into your daily rotation of shoes! ive been looking for nice lace up boots for a while but i cant find any :(

anyways! ive been well and i hope you have too! uni starts for me tomorrow so im a lil bummed but aside from that.. still cheerful =D

& and how was NZ fashion week? take any good pics?

Helen wrote:

yeah tell me about it! gosh.. but im just thinking that in 7 weeks time ill be on a 3 month holiday again =D should be good.

and i cant wait to see all the pics you took =)

Hannah wrote:

those boots are increeedible! can't wait for summer so i can wear shorts, i have no tolerance for cold haha.


FashionJazz wrote:

Luv the boots! Looking forward to seeing ur hew things and I voted 4 u : )

Have a lovely day and thanks for ur comment : )

morena wrote:

this look is sooooo chic! love it<3

ryder wrote:

this is great. i love the boots. but the entire concept specailly the styling is so model like

jeremy Charpentier wrote:

love theses poses, all these photo are very beautifull

agatiszka wrote:

Great like always, love your boots and tee!!

Ashley wrote:

Love the boots!!


I like the green shorts. It is about time someone did something besides denim =) You look great!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Mmmh so White T with evanescent transpareny AND wide side cleavage twisted by an exposed black bra = Sexy/laid-back aesthetics at its Best, . . . a fortiori on your Stunning BODY !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Vertiginoso wrote:

ps: Eeeeuuuhh "transparency", of course (Frankly Sorry for this little "skid of keyboard" Dear) . . . (Suz) wrote:

you look so cool!

lilmisszolicious wrote:

just found your blog: you're stunning and I love your style.

xoxo zola

Alyssa Roman wrote:

Damn, sounds like a nice problem to have. I'm embarassed to admit how few shoes I actually own.
Those boots are stellar and I love how you tied the shirt up.
It's being a while since I've visited but I'm glad to see you're still producing wonderful outfits. :D

Damsels wrote:

love the shade of your hair color .. it looks so pretty with your skin tone ... you cant imagine .. i love it

Mom Fashion World wrote:

you look sooo H-O-T!!!!!
i love the teal green shorts!

WJ wrote:

This is simplicity at its best, Marcella! Khaki is definitely making a come back.

Anika wrote:

Once again you've done it, gorgeous. Stealing the knotted side look you've got going on here ;)

Love, love, love.

Hows uni going?
p.s. not selling all the shoes on the rack (just couldn't be bothered to take a new snap ;)

Taylor Sterling wrote:

gorgeous shorts and the boots look great with them!

ScribbleBabbles wrote:

wow... you look definitely awesome and gorgeous! love the boots :D

Unknown wrote:

The shade of those shorts are so unexpected but so right, Marcella!

The Fashion Cloud wrote:

Perfect outfit, loving those boots.


Bubu wrote:

nice bracelet

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