nz fashion week part 1

September 29, 2009

So Jessie and I finally found the perfect excuse to have a proper bloggers meet up, and headed to Fashion Week together. She was friggin awesome company, incredibly sweet and we just have so much in common! As for the fashion week experience itself, I must admit I was a little disappointed. Not a hell of a lot was going on really, and the layout of the tents were too haphazard to be at all impressive. It should have been amazing, seeing as it was held at the Viaduct of all places. Hmmm, yeah well they could have made it a whole lot better is all I'm saying. But then again, I guess my expectations could have been a tad too high for our little NZ...?

Runway photos from the shows to come.

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bisou-joue wrote:

you're so beautiful girls ! you've got so much such to be in new zealand for the fashion week !!

kulululu wrote:

green blazer <3


You are so gorgeous! I love the photo of you two walking away. Great shoes too =) Let me know if you want to exchange blog roll links! I love your blog.


Rianna wrote:

very beautiful ensembles, killer footwear.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

agatiszka wrote:

Great shoes, both!!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Mmmh so beyond your slight disappointment I really like the way the last picture declines "Fashion Sorority" on such a "Fetishistic" mode . . .
ps: The famous "Vavavoooooooooooom effect" is exhaling such a Sexy/"GLAM Rock-issime" perfume with such leather shorts !!!
re-ps: OOooh You're Welcome for the "stilettostetico-esque" feature Dear Marcella.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Helen wrote:

looks like you guys had fun taking these photos! love the jacket youre wearing and i love the pic where youre smiling =D

helen x

Liya wrote:

you two look ultra-fab

need both outfits pls :)

DS wrote:

gawwwgous ladies! I love the photoshoot, and I am especially impressed by the shoes. I love it all.

Jessie wrote:

awww you're soo sweet Marcella!! I had heaps of fun too and I'm so glad we went together!!
Love all the photos =) told you that you should smile more =D you look great! Thanks again to Jarrod (Jared?) for being the photographer =) He did such a great job!!
It was an awesome day hehe despite the disappointment with Fashion Week itself! We should definitely do blogger catch-ups more often! Next up.. The September Issue! =) Let me know when you're free! xx

FashionJazz wrote:

U both look amazing Marcella!! Looking forward to more pics!

Have a lovely day!


▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Aww, blogger meet ups are always fun :)

Sorry to hear your NZFW experience was not as fun as you would expect :/


morena wrote:

love the green blazer :) PERFECT !!! (Suz) wrote:

love the jacket and shoes :) great!

Ashley wrote:

You both look fabulous!!

Anonymous wrote:

you both look your blog!!! I'm going to follow yours and would like to invite you to follow mine!

mauro wrote:

your leather shorts are killer!

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