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September 1, 2009

(Saturday night hijinks...)

I'm pretty darn sure Balmainia will never die down, at least not with me anyway. I waited quite a while for the perfect alternative version to the infamous crystal embellished sandals to come out, and these Steve Madden ones were it. One hot mess of leather, studs, and jewels. And the heel. Ridiculous heights has always been top of my checklist for shoes.

Materialistic ramblings aside, I'm so excited to have been asked to work on an upcoming project with a certain very talented and creative individual. Don't mean to sound horribly cryptic, but unfortunately that's all I can say for now! Things are still in the early planning stages, but I will definitely update when I can.

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agatiszka wrote:

Your outfit is great! and the 7th picture is perfect :)

Helen wrote:

i love the skirt hun! its so damn cute! where did you get it?

lookin great =D

Annie wrote:

mini + blazer = my favourite pairing ever


I love the skirt! You look gorgeous girl =)

wanna see a girl doing tricks with Trix?

visit me at

Ashley wrote:

The Balmain-esque sandals are awesome!

Kirsha wrote:

Omg... this shoes are... absolutly fantastic!!!!
great outfit

Missrose wrote:

I love your shoes omg amazing amazing and amazing ;P You are rocker girl ;)

yves wrote:

everything is on cue 2009! blazer, tulle skirt, easy shirt, studded heels - evrythng wurks! Tough chic

Vertiginoso wrote:

Ooooo YES, these Shiny/Dark sandals perfectly illustrate the idea of "GLAM Rock-issime Fetishism", AND adorn your delicate feet on such sulfurous/electriying attires . . .
ps: AND this mysterious project sounds very tasty Marcella !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine (Suz) wrote:

love the skirt! and nice necklace :)

morena wrote:


Damsels wrote:

great pics as always ..and those heels are perfect indeed!

im curious about this project

Azn Glow wrote:

You are rocking that outfit! I like your hair so much. Have you ever tried it with a deeper, redder color? I think that would look very nice.


Chopstick wrote:

oh! i love secret projects >:) can't wait to see what it is!

Keith wrote:

Great photos. You look fantastic. I love the header for your blog. Hope you're having a nice week so far. Cheers!

Anika wrote:

Oooooh, congrats on the upcoming project :)

Also, love this outfit. Those shoes....mmm...I have the Siren version (for some reason, the suede called to me moreso than the leather option).

p.s. I have an award for you at my blog...check it out :)

Have a great day

Anonymous wrote:

Marcella, you look fabulous yet again! Love the shoes of course. They add the right sparkle to any outfit. Looking forward to hearing all about your project!

xo, Becs

Tereza wrote:

I love these "Balmain" shoes, so sad that in Czech Rep. isn´t any Steve Madden store

Kandace wrote:

One of the reasons I buy shoes is because of the heel. At least 5 inches and I'm in love. I always want to be taller. It makes me feel more powerful and in charge. Anyway, as always you take amazing pictures. Not to mention that skirt is adorable.

DS wrote:

I want this whole outfit for myself! I saw those shoes and immediately fell in love. The skirt, blazer and shoes = perfection.

Unknown wrote:

my style love! another great look from you. the proportions are just sooo great.

and yeah, me totally on balmainia too! i bought the cheap version from gojane.. ugh, don't know how long thats gonna last but me loves it though!

missed you heaps and good luck w ur new endeavor!


▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Niceeeeee they look superb on your feet chica :)


Jessie wrote:

Ahh you're making me so curious haha I so want to know what this is!! Hope your holidays are going well and that you're getting a break every now and then from your studies!! I'm back to blogging... I think! haha! Love your previous posts, they look amazing! Good score with the Glassons hoodie! Who would've thought?! Nice! xx

La Mimi wrote:

Oh, my heart skips a beat when I look at Balmain's collections:) hehe
I love your outfit. It's something I would personally wear:) hehe


Hannah wrote:

oh man i wanna know the secret!!

gorgeous heels, i think i would die of jealousy if they were the real thing but these are bad enough!



Unknown wrote:

i LOVE the whole look.

you're simply amazing

Mom Fashion World wrote:

you're not only good in dressing up
but you know how to project on the camera!
i love it!

Unknown wrote:

There's some terrible knockoff of them in Farmers right now. They've made them into cork wedges. Hahahaha. Looking fantastic and ready to paint Auckland red, lovely!

Ilanka Verhoeven wrote:

Perfect heels!
X, fashion-nerdic.

FashionJazz wrote:

U look stunning here!! Luv ur blog and I linked it to myne : )

Anonymous wrote:

i was just about to say Balmainia!!! You look awesome, so fierce and chic, nice! : ) x

Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

i want your shoes! and your shots from last entry are sooo nice !

Bella Harris wrote:

Well first and foremeost, ohmygod your legs! And damn those heels are hot... you style everything flawlessly. Always do.

I can't wait to hear more about your upcoming project... I'm soooo excited for you!! xxxx

Estrella wrote:

i would only add nailpolish, you look great!

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