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September 7, 2009

Horrendously behind on everything here. I realise I have one week left of my holiday before my nightmare week crammed full of tests and assignments begins. Haven't yet mastered time travel so instead I will have to knuckle down to some serious work. And the only way that's going to happen is if my laptop gets taken away and locked up somewhere.

I'll be having a jumbo catchup session when I get back, including sorting out the email backlog. Big hi to Jessie too, who I'm glad is back to blogging again!

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Unknown wrote:

you're the perfect one to rock the short shorts thing. i love it.

Leah wrote:

Blogging/ reading others blogs is the biggest procrastination tool. You say to your self: I'll just have a little look at the blogging world, ten minutes max. Nest thing you know its 3 hours later and you haven't done any work. Story of my life!

Damsels wrote:

these last three pics are so phenomenal

Helen wrote:

I love how you always have so much sunlight in your photos! makes me happy when i see it! =D

I have 2 more weeks of uni and then I'm on holidays.. I really want to visit NZ and go bungee jumping haha!


Mom Fashion World wrote:

another great photos of you!
you really look gorgeous!
the fringe bag is a must have this autumn!
i love your shoes too!

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

love ur boots!


love the shoes and bag and as usual you look great!

wanna see a girl rompin around in the garden?

visit me at www.fashionsnag.com

Marina wrote:

nice lighting
nice pocket on the tee. I am OBSESSED with tees that have pockets love them
the bag with fringe another great!

bisou-joue wrote:

wow you look so gorgeous girl !
I love your boots !

agatiszka wrote:

Great look!!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Pfffff this caressing crepuscular-like atmosphere combined with your sexy/nonchalant "urban felinesque" prestance compose such a bewitching cocktail, truly Stunning . . .
ps: AND the soccer's coach who slumbers in me can only sincerely wish you Bon courage for your schedule Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Helen wrote:

btw hun where did you get those shorts?


ps. mind adding me to your list? ;D

Unknown wrote:

I like the mood here! :)

D wrote:

Love your style!!

Jadore-Fashion wrote:

love the whole outfit! cute fringe and boots!!

Bella Harris wrote:

Never mind the fact that you're absolutely gorgeous... you're also the epitome of effortlessly chic.

And wow, the light in this set is just amaaaazing!

Jessie wrote:

wow i love this outfit and those heels! you always have the best shoes! hehe thanks for the special mention too =)
ah i'd love to catch up properly but i don't know if the current situation with my bank acc allows for fashion week >< eek... unless we're looking at the weekend pass? =)
let me know =)=)

Unknown wrote:

Gorgeous pics, lovely! Pass my compliments onto the boyfriend. Amazing use of the light. And of course, very helpful to have you completely working it!!!

pumps & luiers wrote:

love the top - you look effortless chic
hope you still find the time for fun ;)


▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Love the shorts with the HOT ankle boots!! Who are the boots by?

And you've got gorgeous legs girl! :)


Hannah wrote:

love this outfit, i think i would wear it pretty much everywhere!

gosh don't even get me started on how much time this blogging business cuts in to my uni work! lucky i love it :)


erika sorocco wrote:

You are so unbelievably gorgeous. Love these pictures! :)

Liya wrote:

that purse is out of this world


FashionJazz wrote:

U look stunning here, luv the shorts and I luv ur blog!! Good luck for all your tests! : )

styledigger wrote:

amazing, I love the 8th photo!

Jessie wrote:

Yep hahah yes that sounds pretty good to me! how should we go about getting tickets and such :)?

Kat wrote:

Nice shorts...and even nicer legs! Great photos.

Have a good night!

Hannah wrote:

hey thanks for your comment - i have a sneaky suspicion they bought the book from gordon harris, because they have amazing (but expensive, boo) art and fashion books :)


Move wrote:

perfect style, love ur fringe bag ;0


Miss D the Teacher wrote:

So super excited to have discovered your blog. The quality is right up there with Rumi and Karla and you are from my very own city!! I herewith solemly swear to follow your blog religiously. And I am adding you to my blog role.


Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

where are your boots frommm :) they're amazing !!

LIZ-piration wrote:

Amazing shots as usual! x

Brandy Shaloo wrote:

nice pics. love the shoes

Jessie wrote:

yep perfect =) i'll look into them tomorrow =D xx

Unknown wrote:

love the sense of style. its awesome

Anonymous wrote:

you look wonderful in these pictures! where did you get the shoes? and the bag?

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