September 22, 2009

Just booked my tickets for the Air New Zealand Fashion Weekend. Yes!!!

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FashionJazz wrote:

Thats so devine!! Cant wait to see all your outfit pics!! xx

bisou-joue wrote:

I love your top !!
You've got so much chance to go to the new zealand fashion weekend !!

Style Search wrote:

i like you outfit! i love your jeans! XX

kulululu wrote:

simple shirt but soo chic!
love it

helen wrote:

loooove the outfit!! the bleached jeans and the fringe bag and the amazing shoes

xx helen

Hannah wrote:

ooh you're gonna have so much fun! can't wait to see pics.


so going next year!!

Helen wrote:

jeans are freaking awesome? what are they??

boots are also awesome!

have fun at fashion week!


Anonymous wrote:

Where did you get your top?!

Liya wrote:

oh my lord i love your outfit
espesh that simple but PERFECT top



The draping on the top looks beautiful on you. You look good in anything though! Congrats on your tickets for fashion weekend =)

Check out me & my Jimmy Choos in Barcelona @ www.fashionsnag.com

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

love your tie-dye jeans, have something like that. amazing boots as well!

Vertiginoso wrote:

ps: Woooooop Dear Marcella, So It's a Pleasure for me to solemnly announce that you're on "stilettosteticooooooooo" . . . AND that these pictures sound as such a beautiful confirmation of my humble Words !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Fash!onista wrote:

i love this look!!
all are beautiful

Kristine wrote:

everything about this is so perfect! i would wear every last thing :)

Thevisionarybutterfly wrote:

I love the bag!

Damsels wrote:

that bag is so chic! i love the effortless look . you look like a model off duty

Unknown wrote:

Oh fantastic, Marcella! Maybe you'll bump into Rumi.

Love the swingy grey singlet. The buttons and hemline are fantastic details.

WJ wrote:

Just discovered your blog via Antoine's and must say that you have a great style, and more importantly an attitude that really transcends what you are physically wearing. The clothes may make the man, but there is no price on some serious attitude. Keep up the good work!

Nini's Style wrote:

I just found your blog today through Antoine. Love your booties.

isabella wrote:

i like your blog :)


pumps & luiers wrote:

you always have great shots! Looking fierce

Mom Fashion World wrote:

are those DIY jeans?
if so, you did an good job!

marcella- i adore your outfit.
and beautiful photos!


vicen wrote:

Link me:

a cherry tree wrote:

Stunning photos, Stunning outfit, Stunning you :)

Love your blog and style! I've linked you <3 xxx

Anonymous wrote:

Super gorg, Marcella! Love the whole look, esp. your bag. Hope you are doing well!

xo, Becs

Ilanka Verhoeven wrote:

Love the booties! Amazing!
X, fashion-nerdic.

smalltownchic wrote:

Those jeans are great!!!


Ashley wrote:

Love the accessories! The bracelets are great.



Hey! This is the first time I've seen your blog, so glad I found it! Your bag is KILLER and i really love the hem on your top. Lucky you to get to go to fashion week...hope you have a blast! xx

Anika wrote:

Hey hun,
Hope you had fun at the NZ fashion weekend.
p.s. Loved the feature Stiletto Stetico did of you ;)

Check out my blog....I've set up the shop.

Take care,

Kat wrote:

I want your jeans. You're like a refined NZ version of Rumi, I love it! :D

La Mimi wrote:

Hi gorgeous!
How are you?:)It's been too long!
Hope you had fun at the New Zealand Fashion Weekend and took lots of photos:) hehe


▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

I'm so envious of your long legs -- you pull off the bleached jeans so effortlessly!


Lara wrote:

Simply perfect, like always!!

I was missing new photos from you ;)


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