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August 28, 2009

I am usually not much of a fan of wedges, but for this many buckles - I simply had to make an exception.

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Anonymous wrote:

That Jacket looks really good

Maria wrote:

I'm after a jacket that style, but in grey or black. Where did you get yours from?
Wedges are awesome!!

Maria x

Vertiginoso wrote:

Woooow AND this dazzling/caressing Light combined with the mane's sensual/nonchalant move on your face are intrinsically enthralling . . . beyond the nature of your outfit !!!
Stunning Melancholy.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Helen wrote:

im not usually a fan of wedges but im searching around for the right pair. but i love the photos!

Helen wrote:

oh and love the new banner you have!

kulululu wrote:

i want that jacket!!perfect

Macy wrote:

my jaw literally dropped when I saw your wedges. Where on earth did you get them from? You look fantastic!


love all the jewelry!


bisou-joue wrote:

great outfit ! I love your necklace, it's stunning !

Tessies Hearts wrote:

They're fabulous, normally wedges look so chunky and gross, but these still manage to look dainty and suit you perfectly!

Love your new header

nicola xx

I V Y wrote:

great header! i love your outfit as well! your heels are to die for! :) :) :)

Kristine wrote:

Glad you stumbled on my blog because it gives me a chance to discover your's! It's wonderful :) and those shoes... Sigh. So good.

cody wrote:

love all your jewellery!!and those shoes..<3

xx cody


Chopstick wrote:


Ilanka Verhoeven wrote:

I'm not a fan of wedges either but you are so right! Those are amazing!
Love how you accesorized the jewellery too.
X, fashion-nerdic.

morena wrote:

Amazing look!!!!!!

you look so chic :]

Damsels wrote:

glad you made the exception because these are pretty amazing

Hannah wrote:

we're in the same boat, i don't why i used to dislike them actually haha.

love your necklace :)


susie miller wrote:

love your jacket!

Missrose wrote:

Nice jacket ;) i love yorr Jewerlly.

This is my not my sister ;) my sister made me the photo but thanks i don;t like my hair i like your hair ;p

Anika wrote:

Gorgeous light in this stunning set of photos! I love the necklace (have the same one :) and the gorgeous jacket and shoes....you're right, for that many buckles you MAKE an exception.

Have a great week bella :)

Take care,

Eliza wrote:

oh, and it's good that you did an exception, because they look awesome on you :) <3

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

great accesoirees/shoes!

Ashley wrote:

Love the cuffs!



Are those by Forever 21? I almost got them but my size ran out. You look awesome in them!!! :)


Mademoiselle Ruta wrote:

you look gorgeous. i love all the jewelry and accents on your dress.

plus the lighting is really wonderful.

DS wrote:

I adore your photographs, I love how the sun is reflecting in all of them. Your dress and jewlery are gorgeous!

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

The wedges look great on you.. I almost bought the same pair (or similar) in beige :)


labeautifulvie wrote:

can you list where you got each of these outfits? I absolutely adore that studded dress!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel wrote:

love your cool style!!!!

awesome blog!!


Ima wrote:

i really really want your jacket, i think that is so wonderful :)

pumps & luiers wrote:

love all your jewlery


Leah wrote:

you look awesome... i love your style. and i love how the photos were taken. such awesome play of lights.

MissFann wrote:

I have the same pair of wedges!! they are surprisingly comfortable, aren't they? btw, love the details on the dress!

Rina+ETC wrote:

love the jacket! where's it from?

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