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August 13, 2009

I haven't been in much of a blogging mood lately. Put it down to a combination of my super busy semester schedule and the dreary winter weather all actively conspiring against me. I kid you not, the rare times we've had the opportunity to head out for a quick photo ses, grey clouds literally rolled out across the sky in the space of time it took us to drive down the road. Argh, I miss the sunshine like crrrazy, and there is like another 5 months to go to summer...

Thank you to all my readers to whom I owe many many comments, you guys make me feel it's worth the while waging my war with the weather gods!

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Damsels wrote:

you always have the best photos!

Leah wrote:

Cheer up! The weather seems to have picked up this week-though today was terrible! At least we have spring in a month!

Love your pants!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Ooooh AND these pictures truly sound as such an implacable Victory against the whimsical wheater, so "laid back with an exquisite twist of sulfurous/"Alcôvesque-like GLAM" !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Unknown wrote:

Love love the bustier + chambray denim combo! :)

Oh and I think I saw you today at uni! Were you in OGGB in the afternoon?


Unknown wrote:

sexy! i love the lingerie top. so cute. I really find it adorable. The blue blazer is awesome.

have a great day pretty!

Unknown wrote:

THAT's HAWT Marcella! =)

Maria wrote:

I love that belt!

Maria x

Helen wrote:

oooh i love the outfit! and the shoes are awesome! =D the weather has been great here in Aus. Come visit! and yeah i know what you mean about uni.. its hell.



Annie wrote:

gorgeous, I'm dying to get a denim shirt...

Fash!onista wrote:

I have just discovered your blog that I find absolutely brilliant!!!
I adore your style!!!! and very pretty shoes ')
would I like to know the mark of the leather skinny which we see to the post of July 14th please? it is more than splendid!
thank you =)

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Love this look! Very chic :)

Macy wrote:

you look gorgeous as always (:

Ashley wrote:

V. cool outfit!! I knew I should have bought that bustier from f21 it looks fab!!

Unknown wrote:

It's tough trying to get pictures with such blah light, right? But you're rockin' it out, lady. That bustier pared with the casual denim shirt is the ish.

LIZ-piration wrote:

In this part of the world it's steaming hot and in your part it's freezing and we are both complaining! switch places?? :D anyways chic look and your shoe collection= totally ADORABLE!

Unknown wrote:

thanks! :) I saw you on the couch by the printers/copiers on L0. Was running to get an assignment printed!

Hannah wrote:

go NZ!

are those pants leather? if so i am intensely jealous right now...

The Sydney Girl wrote:

you look gorgeous
dear ! :) ♥

Annie wrote:

I SO badly want a denim shirt...

Safia wrote:

why do we not put the brand of your clothes? it's a shame ...

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