black heart

August 4, 2009

I have uni to thank for the pitiful lack of updates on here.

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bisou-joue wrote:

wow your shoes are stunning !

Damsels wrote:

those heels are well worth the wait to see :) i love those .
and love your leather jacket and love love the fish chain

doublysweet wrote:

those shoes are CRAZY amazing!
and that necklace is great--i've seen so many of those come around again

Vertiginoso wrote:

I really like this "virtual conversation" between this fallen "Black Heart" AND your exquisite toes . . . a fortiori with such a Futuristic-like pair of "Fetish Fineries" at your feet !!!
ps: I wish you sincerely/again Bon courage for the Uni Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Those shoes are KILLER! Where did you em from?


Anonymous wrote:

nice necklace! where did you bought it?

Helen wrote:

love love love those shoes! i know what you mean about uni.. its only been my first week and i feel like ive been bombarded with information.


Anonymous wrote:

Wow. This outfit is amazing! I love your shoes!
un saludo

JOWY wrote:



Ashley wrote:

LOVE those shoes!! and the fish pendant is so cool!

Anika wrote:

Love this outfit once again...the jacket is killer are are those Siren shoes...

p.s. have you seen the latest Siren knock-offs? Pic on my blog..they are the crystal Balmain ones....I ordered them on Sat, received them today and I don't want to take them off. I ADORE them.

Check them out (link to buy on my blog)

Dont let uni get you down and good luck :)

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i love your looks. marcella!
very exotic and fierce.

the studded shoes are killer!

Dakota77 wrote:

I love the look, everything is perfect here:). Those shoes are gorgeous!

Violet wrote:

well i love those shoes

and as long as ur walking around the uni lookin fab its fine lol

Vi from Cali

Anonymous wrote:

i loveeee this outfit, especially that fish necklace and those rings!

Anonymous wrote:

i loveee this outfit, especially the fish necklace and those rings!

Anonymous wrote:

Marcella, you look amazing yet again. Loving the whole look, and of course the stunning heels.

xo, becs

Olga Babenko wrote:


styledigger wrote:

love the fish:) and th ewhole outfit is great!

Noelle Chantal wrote:

hi, Marcella! looking great as usual. i like the black and white ensemble here esp the leather jacket and the shoes! by the way i have a bigger version of that fish necklace. its a necklace and a mini purse at the same time :) hehe. love your rings too!

beautiful shots as always! the last one with the black heart is my fave. :)

J. wrote:

I love that necklace!

Anika wrote:

hey bella, vent all you like...I hear you loud and clear. I like the Sirens you're thinking of buying. I myself am holding out for the YSL cage heel knockoffs. Yep, I swear I saw the Siren knockoffs and they are SICK!!! They cost $129.95 but are not yet in store.....droool. Love all things Siren :)

p.s. got my Balmain knockoffs and they kick-arse. I recommend!

Hope uni is not kicking your arse and that you're getting some "off" time.

have a great week :)

FashionJazz wrote:

I adore your heels so much! = my chic vote xx

Marie-Louise wrote:

if this is what you wear to uni- i love you! this is great! those shoes are killer

Christina wrote:

I seriously love love love your moto jacket! So edgy looking esp with the shoes!


Anonymous wrote:

Hey! Check out my blog, I just awarded you the Honest Scrap Award!
Ps: I love your shoes (you always have the perfect shoes), where did you get them?

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