little black riding hood

August 23, 2009

Seem to be chewing through my image bandwidth every month. Time for an upgrade I think.

On an NZ note, how awesome has Glassons been lately? They've started getting some really decent stuff in and it's all been on sale! Picked up this hoody for just $20. In retrospect though (ie many trips later), I now realise that a store selling a whole lotta cheap stuff is actually the most expensive kind of store of all.

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Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

i love everythinggggggggg! where were your shorts from omgg label everything please :D hehe!


Unknown wrote:

oh i love that look.

these photos are very editorial.
And you're always so fabulous

Chopstick wrote:

you got that hoodie at glassons?! I'm TOTALLY paying the store a visit this week! i love that hoodie :D

Helen wrote:

The last picture is the best ;D you look so gorgeous there!

Helen (Suz) wrote:

love, love, love the boots, and they match so well with the shorts!

Fash!onista wrote:

very beautiful photographs and splendid behavior!
I adore the new banner of the blog too!
it is me which sent the e-mail to you to know where you bought the zipped black leather skinny, but still not of answer… xoxo

Maria wrote:

I can't believe how awesome you look in every outfit. Amazing!

Maria x

Indy wrote:

I love those boots! You have amazing style...I am jealous!

Missrose wrote:

I love your rocker look ;)

Tori wrote:

This outfit looks amazing on you! Love these pictures. You have probably heard this before, but you remind me a lot of Rumi from fashiontoast. =D

DS wrote:

oh my god I love it all! You are so gorgeous, AND those booties are amazing!

NeverWithoutMyRayban wrote:

Your boots are fantastic!

Mademoiselle Ruta wrote:

i love this. every time i go thrifting i keep seeing leather bootie shorts but i don't have the guts to wear them. so glad you're wearing them. they looks amazing on you.

ps. your heals are so hot. love them.

Ashley wrote:

Fabulous outfit. I have the F21 faux leather shorts too, love them!! I really like your new header too!

Ima wrote:

everything's are sooo cool especially the shorts, that is so great =)

Bella Harris wrote:

Ahhh, that's my problem... in the long run, I ultimately overspend/overindulge on lesser cost items than if I’d just purchased something fantastically expensive. Okay, so maybe it’s because the ridiculous quantities leave me looking as if I’m planning for the apocalypse… but you know what I mean!

You're gorgeous as always, and the entire combination is perrrfect. Love those booties! xxx

the Oracle of Style wrote:

Love, love your shorts. Great pictures!

▲ FARRAH ▲ wrote:

Talk about HOT PANTS :) And these shots are just ON POINT chica!


clouds of tulle wrote:

Where is your tank from? oh and what shoes are those? LOVE THEM.

Connie wrote:

Those heels are amazing.

The Heartbreak

Anika wrote:

Young lady, I love the hoodie effect and the traction on those killer boots. I just bought a pair of Glasson boots (kinda similar, actually, just without traction). I love your outfit. I didn't even know we had glassons in Perth...only at the fashion outlet me thinks....and you're right, they do have some funky things....loving the shoes out now.
p.s. thanks so much for the lovely comment, it made me go 'awwwww'. Bless.

p.s. all the best for your wedding. Stuart and I aren't getting married yet (but thanks for the well wishes) but we're looking to do so in the nearish future....gah, hell with planning. I aim to just have a small ceremony on the beach. And have my eye on the best wedding dress (for all of $80) from my fave op-shop. No joke....something old ;)

Hope you're having a great week and that uni isn't too tiresome!

Nini's Style wrote:

Love your outfit!!!

Unknown wrote:

marcella. i missed YOU. i missed your blog soo much while i was gone. your style always always puts me to tears.. i'm totally in love! love love everything.

and what, you're getting married? spill! me love your blog so much.

stay gorgeous chica!

much love


Anonymous wrote:

Love the outfit. And you're tight, the store selling the items for cheap ends up being quite expensive. I figured that out when I fell in love with a store in Brooklyn, NY, but I can't help but continue to go there.

Jadore-Fashion wrote:

nice look, love theo boots!!xx


gorgeous photos! the shorts look great on you!

visit me at
daily deals & daily outfits!

Charmaine Li wrote:

Looooove the leather shorts!! and those shoes are to die for!!!

susie miller wrote:

this outfit is mega awesome!!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

this is another great outfit of you!
i love everything!
those boots are awesome!

Kandace wrote:

Those shoes are amazing! And the shorts and the hoodie. Basically this entire outfit is rockin. Get em' girl!

Anonymous wrote:

Great look, love the shoes! Also really like the dress in your previous post!

Etrapar wrote:

only one word: DANGEROUS ^.^

HeadOverHeelz wrote:

Hi, thanks for ur comments, nice blog u have here too! U wear those leather shorts well! :)

HeadOverHeelz wrote:

Hi, thanks for ur comments, nice blog u have here too! U wear those leather shorts well! :)

LIZ-piration wrote:

am loving the whole black ensemble!
nice header too xo

Annabelle Rachael Taylor wrote:

this outfits is stunning. i have some shorts similar to this! great look. blogs great too! :)


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