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July 14, 2009

The weather has been so lousy for the past week, this is the first time we actually got to go out. It was blisteringly cold and windy so that's why I'm holding onto my hair in almost all of these shots! Can't believe the holidays are almost over, I spent most of it at home in trackies and a blanket watching movies. Exciting stuff. I did go on a short ski trip down to My Ruapehu last week though, will put some photos up if I find any good ones.

I found this sequined blazer on sale a while ago, and luckily managed to clear my boyfriend's "Are you sure you are ever going to find something to wear this to?" hurdle by persuading him how awesome it will look on camera. Of course, as of yet, I am still looking for that appropriate occasion.

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Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

omg where did you find that gorgeous blazer ?! i'm looking for one but i only found a silver onee! do tell :D

you loook smashin' ;D

Tessies Hearts wrote:

It really does look awesome, love the blazer

nicola xx


Unknown wrote:

you belong to paris honey

Helen wrote:

The blazer looks so gorgeous!! and i love those pants!

helen wrote:

where did you buy that lether pants?
really hot!!

bisou-joue wrote:

this is such a great outfit !! I love it !
I'm in love with your sequined blazer and your leather pants !

Vertiginoso wrote:

You're truly more laid back than ever in these pictures Marcella, AND I really like the way these windy/natural "wild hair effect" both illustrates and sublimates your Roaring Sexyness !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Damsels wrote:

what appropriate location ? wear it out everyday !!!
i love it .

Elaine wrote:

I think the blazer is so fun! You can dress up any outfit with that... And nice pants! You're rocking the leather! You look amazing as usual.


Ashley wrote:

Perfect blazer! It DOES look great on camera (and in person too, I'm sure)!


Anonymous wrote:

Hey Marcella! You look fierce! Love the sequin blazer and those pants are amazing. It was smart to mix in the casual shirt. Fab photos!!

xo, Becs

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) wrote:

i think i find the blazer and pants a bit too much together, but seperate it are stunning pieces!

Anonymous wrote:

Those pants are hot.

Tereza Š. wrote:

you have pretty balzer out there..and i´m so happy that we are going to have another 5 week of holiday

Leah wrote:

Awesome awesome blazer! I totally didn't know you were from Auckland too until you said you went down to the Mt last week. I love discovering other NZ fashion bloggers!


thank you for the support, it's really much appreciated ...xoxoxo. Life is short so we all must live it to the fullest and be glamourous every step of the way ;)
-by the way i REALLY LOVE THE JACKET!!!

INES wrote:

amazing blazer

Tamia wrote:

The jacket is fab--I can see wearing it with so many things!

Hope you're ok after the quake...


Charmaine Li wrote:

i am REALLLLy needing a sequined blazer!! SO perfect for going out!

Chopstick wrote:

that is one F.A.B. blazer.

This chick's got style wrote:

Gorgeous outfit!
Your absolutely lovely and so is your blog!


Anika wrote:

Oh bella, super super jealous of your sequin blazer. I have been on the hunt for one for EVER. Where from?

You look gorgeous here. Love this outfit to bits.

And have to agree, whats with the shyte weather? Grrrr.

haha, have a fab weekend

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i love the sequined jacket!
and you look beautiful always!

GUi wrote:

You have
a gorgeous sequin blazer
I love it!!!!

TOMERea wrote:

love the outfit, the jacket is so cool! :D

Unknown wrote:

Oh but gorgeous day out is always the best time for sequins, isn't it? Perfect for reflective light purposes ;)

Hope ski trip was good. I am an utter goob at skiing. So have avoided it for a very long time.

Unknown wrote:

love the pailletes jacket!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel wrote:

I'm totally in love with this outfit!!

sexy rock chic!!!



YOUR SHOES... PLEASE SPILL!! :) the details..

lovely sequined blazer, dear!!


Unknown wrote:

love love lovve the blazer - I want it sooooooooo much xoxox

Bella Harris wrote:

I'm so jealous of this incredible blazer... and it comes as no surprise that you've styled it flawlessly.

I'm always inspired by what you bring to the table... and okay seriously, freezing cold wind or not, you ALWAYS look beautiful!!!

Gisela and Maury wrote:

can i tell you those pvc pants are the sh*t! i'm looking for the perfect pair to wear this fall! where did u get yours, they are so wicked!

Anonymous wrote:

fancy the sparkling blazer :D

Anonymous wrote:

love the sequin blazer! i had one from bebe but had to return it because it wasn't tight enough! fab find!

Kristiana Vasarina wrote:

Wow, my favourite :) looks really great, love everything! you can totally pull this off ;)

Arielle wrote:

blazer is amazing


A* wrote:

THIS OUTFIT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! congratulations! you look amazing!


Sang wrote:

haven't seen that many blogs with simple, chic photos like yours. cant wait to see more..!

noirohio vintage wrote:

amazing pants!! where are they from? love the blazer too

mauro wrote:

you look so hot in leather! :-)

Unknown wrote:

omg where did you find that gorgeous blazer
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