military precision

July 1, 2009

Exams are finally over which means I can blissfully go back to being a fulltime bum on the internet. Well, for the next three weeks anyways. Thank you for all the comments while I've been away - I managed to read them all inbetween my rather frequent study breaks. Might just take me a little while to get back to them all!

Wearing what I like to call my boyfriend's 'Edward jacket' here. For obvious reasons, heh.

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Macy wrote:

haha, "edward jacket". Loving the leggings, were they DIY?

helen wrote:

edward jacket hahaha.. want a edward jacket too!!
xoxo helen

Ashley wrote:

Awesome outfit from head to the belt and leggings espesh.

kulululu wrote:

super hot!like always!

Vertiginoso wrote:

AND Frankly What a KILLing precision, as always placed under the sign of such a hieratic serenity . . .
ps: your black leggings truly epitomize one of "Destroy CHIC inspiration" SexiEST illustration !!!
ps: Hope your exams have gone Well Dear.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Alice. wrote:

'Edward jacket' Love it! I'm in love with the leggins and heels

yves wrote:

for me, your FIERECEST look!!! the symmetry, lines, high-key styling just effortlessly wurks!

inspiring! (Suz) wrote:

love the leggings :). stunning heels!

Martina Ngozi wrote:

I adore your jacket and heels, everything is so well put together!

bisou-joue wrote:

I 've also finished my exams and honestly I must admit that it so great to have fulltime for our hobbies !
Your outfit looks just so awesome, there is no mord to say how much I love it ! Great look !
Can I link you ?

Chomy wrote:

this look is ace....the execution is on point!

Damsels wrote:

i may have missed it but did you add where you got the clothes ?the shoes ?
the gloves?

they are all amazing which is why i inquire

Anonymous wrote:

Welcome back Marcella! You must be thrilled to be done with exams! You look uber amazing. Love everything about your look!

xo, Becs

Stephanie Kim wrote:

shoes are GORGEOUS

INES wrote:

i'm loving your outfit

thanks for your nice comment on my blog
i added you to my blogrol


YAY for the same shoes (mine are black, though) and your leggings are so ACE!!! :)



im adding you to my blogroll as well, your comment was super sweeet, and u have FIERNESSS GOING ON WITH ALL YOUR OUTFIT POST'S!!! *cheers*

Anonymous wrote:

Thanks for your your comment. I like your coat! I found Edward's coat very nice too! He had such class in that movie!

Anonymous wrote:

Great outfit, I love your jacket and belt! ;-))

Bella Harris wrote:

Oh, how I absolutely adore you... this is 100% aces! My god, I love everything about it! xxx

Yuka wrote:

great jacket! love that you paired this with gold shoes instead of black

Anonymous wrote:

Thanks for linking me! I linked you too :)
You are so photogenic!

Unknown wrote:

Oh dear hun! That Edward obsession sounds like it's causing a wee rift ;) hahaha You really ripped those jeans/tights up. You're my queen, gorgeous!

But really - I may be changing my mind - because have you seen the pecs on Jacob in New Moon? Swoon.

Also - create a Twitter account? Come on Twitter and tweet with me!

clouds of tulle wrote:

you're right! i just got my bangs yesterday, and since then everytime i get near a mirror and catch a glimpse of myself i am definitely surprised!!

Thanks for the encouragement!!

Unknown wrote:

yey you are sooo back and as always so hot. i love that jacket and i've missed you.

ONiC wrote:

hahaha i love that edward jacket. and you got perfect hair.

Jessica wrote:

Everything looks amazing here!!! The jacket is great paired with the studded belt! The slashed leggings, leather gloves and awesome shoes add a fabulous touch to the outfit! =)

Eda wrote:

What an amazing look!

DirtysouthBoyz wrote:

amazing look I WILL featured you on today


Anonymous wrote:

You totally pulled off this look! It looks so awesome on you :) Love all the design details too, great outfit.



La Mimi wrote:

OH, you poor thing! You only get a 3 week short...oh least you get that:) Let's look at the bright side, right? lol:)
I'm loving the ensemble you've put together, especially those shoes! Perfection....and the jeans, gosh! are they DIY? It looks like it's getting colder in New crazy how you guys have winter, when we have summer...Although this year it's been pretty cold here in Toronto, so it's more like spring...
Anyways, thanks for your sweet comment and it's good to see ya least for now:)



I always forget to ask. who takes your pictures and what kind of camera do you use? :)


Sang wrote:

seriously, this is fab!
keep up the great style of yours:]

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