stolen time

June 18, 2009

Had my first exam yesterday so I'm taking a small break today. Only another week to go :)

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Maria wrote:

you look amazing!!<3

Unknown wrote:

seriosuly its unbelievable how great you look in this outfit!

so so jealous xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kulululu wrote:

great vest!!!

helen wrote:

woow love that outfit! it's perfect!
xx helen

James wrote:

You look amazing. So jealous. I'll never be able to pull that look off... for obvious reasons. :(

JINX wrote:

I hav'nt seen many people pull off the sexy leather pants look... you've aced the test A+..and the shoes are amazing...


clouds of tulle wrote:

wow you look good.

Good luck on exams! (Suz) wrote:

great gilet!

noone wrote:

great outfit! Good luck with your exams!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Wooooow just like a "GLAM Rock-issime Tigress serenely statuesque under a crepuscular autumnal light" . . .
Sotly electrifying and bewitching as always.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Damsels wrote:

love those pants and the vest
also the shoes are amazing We Were Damsels

LIZ-piration wrote:

I love that vest with those leggings, you look amazing! xo

Elaine wrote:

SEXY!!!! Love it!!!!!

Ashley wrote:

Amazing outfit from head to toe. The shoes are stunning. Love!!!

Jess wrote:

i want that vest!

i have final exams starting tomorrow : (

Noelle Chantal wrote:

looking great as always Marcella! love those leather pants on you! and is that the vest you DIYed? very nice! you look stunning on the third photo! great photos! :)

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i love the whole outfit soo much!
you do look fabulous always.
woah for the vest!

yves wrote:

hi Marcella!

ive featured one of your FIERCEST looks on my latest post (Hard-core Hip issue). Hope u don't mind me featuring you ;)

Thanks & fashion love!

Alyssa Roman wrote:

What a perfect outfit! It looks so stylish but not like you tried to hard, effortless glamour! Well done again! :)

Anonymous wrote:

woah those leather pants look super hot on you!

morena wrote:

omg! Amazing!amazing!
love this outfit !!!

You have a great style. I added your blog to my blog list

Anonymous wrote:

I love your style! you have an amazing blog! I'm definitly adding you to my links.

styledigger wrote:

I love the vest, and the leather pants look do good on your great legs!

Jessica wrote:

I've just discovered your blog and I'm loving everything that I see!! You've got an amazing sense of style!

Those leather pants look amazing on you and I love the vest as well! :D

stylista wrote:

i love this look! totally en vogue. check out my blog at

Unknown wrote:

oh god babe, totally love love love this outfit and your recent posts! haven't visited much cuz i did take a small hiatus-- i so missed visiting your blog! this outfit is just perfection. you hear me? you so frikking rock M!

much love


Anonymous wrote:

Marcella, you look so fierce and amazing!! Fabulous job on the vest! Good luck with the rest of your exams!

xo, Becs

Jessie wrote:

Wow you look ammaaaazzzing! Love the leather pants! Hope exams have treated you very well! I finished on Saturday and all I've been doing is shopping! I'm getting VERY broke at the moment LOL oh dear. xx

Jessie wrote:

Oh and I got the cheap flights from Jetstar Fridays you should check it out! It's between 4-8pm every Friday..sometimes you get pretty awesome deals! =)

Robynne wrote:

LOVE Adore! That vest is fantastic

fashion on edge

Missrose wrote:

You look fine vest excellently

bisou-joue wrote:

great outfit !!! you look amazingly gorgeous !
I also sat exams last week !

E wrote:

Gorgeous girl! Those pants are incredible!

Kim wrote:

That outfit is hot! I love it

La Mimi wrote:

Hey darling!
I've missed you, how are your exams goin? :)
I love your new quilted bag, it goes so well with everything...


Jolie Roux wrote:

I love that vest, it's great.

doublysweet wrote:

so this is the first time i've seen your site and i gotta say i LOVE your look!
one of your older posts got to me--i, too, wish i had a the herve leger bandage dress.

Bella Harris wrote:

Obviously you're amazing!

Nora wrote:

omg, i loove your style ! :D
take a look;


Tessies Hearts wrote:

wow, love that waistjacket xx

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