not long

June 6, 2009

Posting to resume shortly - have a shoot planned for this weekend!

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Thevisionarybutterfly wrote:

Guess this means you got your camera situation fixed. Happy for you! Looking forward.


Noelle Chantal wrote:

hi, Marcella! how are you? i'm so excited to see your new photos! by the way, that sky high shoes look so sexy and i love the little twist details on the straps. gorgeous! :)

Lauren wrote:


Vertiginoso wrote:

Ooooooh AND this picture truly sounds as such a "fetishistic foreshadowing" of that !!!
ps: "High-arched Dizzyness + soft Tigress'toes = Bewitching GLAM equation" . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Elaine wrote:

Good!! I've been wondering where you went... Love those shoes!

lady stardust wrote:

l o v e .

are they yours ?

Unknown wrote:

Very Jak N Jil, hun! Your shoes are too amazing. They look like Siren heels from Wild Pair? Or no? Please post soon! Your blogging presence is sorely missed.

Macy wrote:

killer heels.
and I do actually think they could be used as a small weapon.

Mom Fashion World wrote:

those are killer shoes!
i'm soo excited to see the photos!

Anonymous wrote:

Ahh, where have you been?? Looking forward to seeing your pics! And those shoes are amazing.

xo, Becs

yves wrote:

those shoes are makin' me GAY-ERR!!
totally fierce. Definitely a quintessential

María D. Valderrama wrote:

wooooow I love those shoes!

The Queen of Hearts wrote:

Are these the YSL Trib Sandals? I love them but I didn't love them on me : ( They look fantastic on you, however. I saw you wearing them in an earlier post as well. kisses.

Jolie Roux wrote:

great shoes!

dekker05 wrote:

this model as a platform gives me a sacred erection, I can not help it I'm fetish high heels and I admit that each of your pictures in high heels excites me the most;

dekker05 wrote:

really hot this model, it releases a incredible eroticism

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