cry wolf

June 12, 2009

Studying is sorta going nowhere, and I had these sitting around so what better way to waste another half hour which I will sorely regret losing in the near future?

And just a note, I'll be getting back to all comments right after my exams!

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Alice. wrote:

I adore the dress/top and the boot, FAB!

Thevisionarybutterfly wrote:

Cool vest and the photos are flawless!

Ashley wrote:

Love the dress and the fringe boot. Where is the boot from?

j e j e wrote:

love your boots :) nice shirt, btw :)

Damsels wrote:

those are excellent phtos please tell me what camera you use and or what setting you have it on manually ? or is this automatic?
i have to know

and ofcourse great outfit and bag those boots are incredible
We Were Damsels (Suz) wrote:

love that shoes!

Floriane wrote:

Great outfit ! Love your shoes !!

kulululu wrote:

wow, u rock it! i love that look!
great shirt

Anonymous wrote:

Killer shoes.

Anonymous wrote:

I forgot to ask you, what kind of camera are you using for your pictures?

noone wrote:

love your look and LOVE YOUR BOOTS!! your whole outfit is awesome ;)

Anonymous wrote:

Marcella, you look so fierce! Love the whole vibe/look, esp. the faux fur vest and the shoes. Sending you lots of luck on your exams!

xo, Becs

Elaine wrote:

SO Sexy!! good luck with your exams... That sucks.. :(

NICOLE wrote:

i love your boots!! soo cute! nice blog

Noelle Chantal wrote:

looking great as ever, Marcella! love the shoes a lot esp the swaying shot of the fringes on the first photo.and the fur vest with the wolf shirt is a great match. love the whole look as usual. :)

Unknown wrote:

Ooo girrlll, I hope that's not the real thing because it'll make my Equip $15 version look so cracked up. Hahaha. I spot you and that wolf tee shirt!

Victoria Jin wrote:

good luck on your exams!

I love the combination of the bag, that vest and those shoes! beautiful :) I just stumbled upon your blog today and i love it!

Chopstick wrote:

I wish I look good in fur vests like you do! I tried one on the other day and I look like a weirdly-shaped dog. :( Give me your skills at wearing fur vests! :D

Anika wrote:

Thanks for your comment :)

Nothing beats floral...and a floral dress especially!

And those Steve Madden sandals for day are nuts. LOVE them!


your blog and sense of style is really awesome, good on you!
Drop on by sometime...

Stay fly,

Anonymous wrote:

You look so chic here! I love your bag, ! and that little fur vest!

Tamia wrote:

Oh, I love the gilet and the boots! I swear I've been looking for a fur gilet for like, two years to no avail. How do you do it?

Tessies Hearts wrote:

gorgeous. Great blog, really love your outfits

nicola xx

♥ Miggy ♥ wrote:

Tshirts with wolves eyes have a special place in my fashion heart.


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