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May 6, 2009

Madly depressed that the camera still hasn't been fixed yet. Posting old photos from my reject folder in the meantime.

Lots of catching up to do!

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Anika wrote:

Gasp! Loooove the cuff and those shoes (where oh where did you get them from?). Haha, your shoe collection reminds me of mine.

Here's to shoes, may they keep us happy forever :D

p.s. if you're getting rid of the F21 wang-esque shoes, can I buy them off you (if we're the same size)? I think they look good on you, but hey I'm happy to take them off of you ;)

Thevisionarybutterfly wrote:

lol @ the 'reject folder'. ur funny.

But i know how you feel, i just got a camera and as always I'm in over my head and don't know how to use it.

I love the skirt paired with the lace tank. The leather bracelet is killer cool.

Karen wrote:

LOVE the skirt : )

Thanks for posing on my blog. I agree, lets exchange links.


Femstar2000 wrote:

Are those YSL Tributes?

Nika wrote:

your skirt is fab!

Nika wrote:

what kind of camera do you use?

Chopstick wrote:

Wow-hi! It's been a while since I last visited your blog :) You're looking fantastic as always, and I want to steal that skirt!!!

kulululu wrote:

u look great!i love your skirt

Vertiginoso wrote:

I really like the way the Tribal-Safari prints of your Dress subtly match your hair AND the (Mmmmh autumnal ?) trees (with the platform sandals for the DIZZY "Fetish twist") . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Elaine wrote:

Reject folder huh? The colors clash but it looks so good on you! Probably because you're so pretty!

don't eat my rice wrote:

Love the texture/pattern combo, makes me look and look again. Tell me about your wrist candy. Iz tasty.

SOS! wrote:

your hair is lovely!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Bella Harris wrote:

Oooh la la such a fantastic combination of patterns and textures. And of course, I love the sandals... I never stop wearing mine. Are yours BCBGirls too?


pumps & luiers wrote:

coo skirt!
hope your camera gets fixed soon!

Anonymous wrote:

I love all your outfits... but this is def. one of my favs!!

Unknown wrote:


thanks for dropping by. i do read your blog daily, just that i'm soooo swamped with work as of the moment.:( sob. you LOOK FANTASTIC. as always. love the contradiction of colours and textures.

re the camera.. i totally know how that feels?!!! im still waiting for mine to be fixed as well. double sob.

much love

ilikestuff wrote:

Super cute! Love the shoes!

La Mode is Rad! wrote:

Fantastic shoes.

Anika wrote:

I bought this gorgeous pair of leggings yesterday (total splurge...whoops!) so may have to pass on the shoes :/

still, I reckon you should keep them...they look fierce!

Yuka wrote:

why was this a reject? you look so cute. your skirt is so cute! hope your camera gets fixed soon!

esther wrote:

Well I'm glad this "reject" outfit found it's way to publication! Not a reject in my book. :) I looove it! Black and brown together is so cool.

Anonymous wrote:

Love your style too! Those shoes are killer. Yes, let's swap links.. adding you to my page now. :)

xo, Becs

Kandace wrote:

These were rejects? I love these photos. The outfit is super cute as well. Love the lace paired with a bold print. Btw, wanna link? I really enjoy reading your blog.

Jessie wrote:

Aww thanks Marcella! You're so sweet! Reading your comment so made my day =)

Lol I love how you called this the reject even when you look so amazing! I love your studded belt cuff! =D
I wish we could still wear this now.. the weather is soo icy now =(

Hope your tests and jazz all went well! And hope the 'minor crap' is being attended to ;) lol. I'm having a cruisey couple of weeks but I hope I'm not speaking too soon!


phamzy wrote:

i hate camera problems! huh! i like your style!

paanie wrote:

the animal print and lace is a great idea. fab look!

Fashion Without Guilt wrote:

I love that skirt. I have the same skirt in black and white. You look so cute.

Yuka wrote:

glad you posted these! these are so good!

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