May 12, 2009

A bit of inspiration to start the week off with.

Sources: Foto Decadent, Mariƫlle
The incredibly sweet and talented Mimi recently interviewed me for a feature on her site. You can read it here. If you haven't come across it yet, her website, La Mimi, is a wicked online magazine with articles on practically everything to do with beauty and fashion. Make sure you take a look!

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You deserve it!!!
You have a great taste for fashion, love all you wear, and your body is the best of the internet!

I am alreday your fan girl!

Kisses and hugs!!


Anika wrote:

Ahhh, now thats what I call inspiration. Love these shots...esp the one with the wooden boot heels...mmmm.

p.s. congrats on the feature :)

Anonymous wrote:

Love these amazing photos! Congrats on being featured; it was an awesome interview!

xo, Becs

Rain wrote:

Great inspiration!

I came from Mimi's blog, just read your interview! Great style! your heels are highhhhhhhh! :)


Bella Harris wrote:

Ooh la la to Tuesday inspiration! And I just came from reading your La Mimi interview... so well-deserved! Congrats honey! xxx

La Mode is Rad! wrote:

Love the pics.

Vogue in the City wrote:

your pictures are always amazing! :D

Noelle Chantal wrote:

hi, Marcella! congrats on the feature! i knew it! La Mimi will love your style, i'm just waiting for her to discover your beautiful blog. you deserve it!

the third and the fourth photos are truly inspirational. great picks :)

vicen wrote:

link me please:

Anonymous wrote:

congrats on the feature!!!!


Hey, you! :)

Thanks for poppin' by. You're getting prettier by the minute!


phamzy wrote:

great photos! i love the third one!


Great selection, jadore!!

SOS! wrote:

yay for interviews! :D
xx-LJ from SOS!

pumps & luiers wrote:

great feature - nicely done!

Unknown wrote:

oh my god love the inspiration photos. the shoes and the feel, just amazing.:) and oh, don't be surprised if you get an interview... you know you're incredibly stylish luv!

much love


Kandace wrote:

I love your interview. They asked some really good questions and your answers were phenomenal. It's terrible you're going into winter now, it's just turning summer here which is good because I was totally over the cold. But I'm sure you'll be giving me ideas for the fall.

katherine lou wrote:

you have an amazing sense of style ... and congrats on the interview/feature !

♥ katherinelou

i linked you!

Unknown wrote:

lovely article! you deserve it!

btw those photos are really an inspiration!

yiqin; wrote:

Wow, I really want some of the jackets! So gorgeoues!

Mariƫlle wrote:

Do I spot my very own scan there? haha

Love your blog - would you like to exchange links?

Seeker wrote:

Congratulations on the feature, you deserve it, and great inspiring pictures.



just another great photoshoot . love "fashiondistraction" title, it s true for me .

liking much

Susan wrote:

Great article and utterly fab pics in this blog - curiously distracting too!

Charmaine Li wrote:

Love the inspirational pictures! And congrats on the interview girl :)

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i love all photos! and the military jacket!

Unknown wrote:

Broooo u're getting me hooked onto ur blog =p hehe awesome work! =) Love, Deluwiel.

Posh wrote:

Love these pictures, gorgeous! <3 <3

Tamia wrote:

Yay, congrats on the feature! You look amazing as always...

Mimi wrote:

The 3 last pics are def. my favorites.

your blog's great I came here by "La Mimi"

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