April 28, 2009

I am looking very ghastly white in these photos but I assure you I'm not actually half albino. My boyfriend's camera has been having problems with the exposure lately and he's sent it away to be looked at after we had so much trouble getting these shots. So weird not having a camera at the moment.

Am toying with the idea of getting rid of these booties too. They sorta cut my leg length by 30%.

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Lauren wrote:

I looooove those booties, they are so hot! If I were you I would be keeping those : )

Macy wrote:

you simply CAN'T get rid of those shoes. They're amaaazing!!!

Anonymous wrote:

I love your dress! I have to agree that you should keep those shoes.. I'm kicking myself for not getting them when I had the chance.

xo, Becs

Anonymous wrote:

ah that dress is amazing! i LOVE the back

LIZ-piration wrote:

getting rid? noo the shoes look amazing..
and it makes a perfect combo with the electric blue dress! you look amazing too xo

kulululu wrote:

what a dress!!!u look sooo hot..

Vertiginoso wrote:

Your sensual haughtiness, the caressing movement of your mane on the first picture truly make such a mesmerizing cocktail . . . placed under the sign of a "Sexy/laid back CHIC-issime" stylishness !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Maria wrote:

I love your style! very sexy <3

DiscoVery wrote:

Hot outfit!!!!

don't eat my rice wrote:

I hardly wear my booties, for that very reason. Even if I don't look extra short, I sure feel that way. =( I love that color on you, looks sharp with the blazer, then SURPRISE! Didn't see that back coming, did you?? Excellence.

Noelle Chantal wrote:

Marcella you look gorgeous in this dress. the back of the dress is my total favorite! and the blazer is just perfect for this outfit. i love everything and the boyf's shots are always beautiful. :)

Unknown wrote:

marcella, you're so cute in that dress. i love the combination of blue, gold and black, and the fringe shoes totally nailed the look. You're always so pretty!

am so sorry about the camera. huhu.

. wrote:

omg but WHY. i haven't really liked the wang knockoffs on anyone but you ROCK em like no other! u have such nice legs :) and perfect outfits.

CandiDandiStylinWylin wrote:

nooooo the booties are hot!!

Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

Nooooooo! You have to leave the booties! I still wanna know where the metal heeled lace up boots are frommm :P haha your style = awesome :D

I love the net at the back of the dress!!

Vogue in the City wrote:

u look great! so nice jacket!love your shoes <-------


Love everything here! You are sexy! Great style and body! You are fierce!!!!!



wow. you are look amazing !

pumps & luiers wrote:

wow - again one hot look - love the short dress with the blazer

Seeker wrote:

WOW, what a gorgeous dress and those shoes are to die for.
Love the combo with the blazer and the colours.


Anonymous wrote:

THE shoes are Amazing!!!!! you have to keep the. the look so good on you!

Jessie wrote:

Hey Marcella! I'm glad tests and such haven't killed ya yet! Just a week longer! =D Yay!
You and your boyf are sooo cute! He has such amazing eyes btw!
I love this dress! Especially the back! Ohh no you can't get rid of these, they're so amazing on you!
Oh btw, I tagged you on my blog, so if you have some time after your tests...=D

xx Jessie

Eeli wrote:

haha you read my mind. Off to do some outfit shots NOWWWWW! lol

Love that colour and love your freakin body (in a non sexual way) I wish I were that slim and body cons looked that amazing on me. Grrrrrrr. The mesh detailing in the back is just fab!


esther wrote:

gorgeous. the color of the dress is soo sweet.

Rosa wrote:

your blog is so great!
exchange links?


Unknown wrote:


you are looking hot as ever. love the body con with the mesh detail, the blazer, everything. and uh, NO, don't frikking get rid of those shoes?! 1) they look insanely great on your legs, and 2) they are unavailable now through f21. you got collector's stuff right there!

much love


Tina { Luphia Loves... } wrote:

amazing dress!! absolutely love the blazer too!! you look great! :)

Alice. wrote:

Don't get rid of them! They look fab,
I love the first photo x

Vogue in the City wrote:

wow, i love your outfit, especially shoes :D
amazing :)

. wrote:

i love the vivid color of your dress,
overall the whole outfit is wonderful!

such an odd question to ask, but i would love for you to get back at me with it,
on your particular layout how do you change the top where it says "search blog, flag blog, follow blog" that whole thing to the grey color instead of blue? when i was switching my layouts i couldnt change that so i went back to black

diamondsinchampagne wrote:

This whole outfit is perfect. Love the use of colour, and the blazer is a perfect fit

styledigger wrote:

Your dress is perfect, your booties are perfect and your blazer is perfect as well!

SOS! wrote:

They look lovely.. you should keep them.
xx-LJ from SOS!

Anonymous wrote:

I LOVE that bright blue! and your legs look super long with those boots, don't get rid of them!

trisch xo

Yuka wrote:

i love the netting in the back of that dress. i like the shoes and i even tried them on too but they hurt my feet so much. do you have that problem too? needless to say i didnt end up buying them.

Elaine wrote:

I think you pull of the AWang booties very well....don't get rid of them!


La Mimi wrote:

I'm absolutely loving the outfit, especially that electric blue on you. I agree that the shoes are not the most flattering, however you totally pull it off;) don't get rid of them...hehe


Charmaine Li wrote:

same problem with the booties thats why i returned them! i love the mesh back of your dress!! is it vintage?

calavera wrote:

your dress is perfect!!!!!!!!

Bella Harris wrote:

That dress!!!!! HOT.

I'm very much into bright colors right now, summer is screaming for me to be neon!
I still haven't worn the F21-Wangs... they've just been hiding in my closet since day one. I think they look amazing on you, but I worried about the same leggy issue when I wore them around the house. sigh.


j e j e wrote:

Love this! :)

Followed you :)

ilikestuff wrote:

I've had the same thought about those boots, but then I decided, Fuck It, I like them and no matter what I do, my legs will never be Jessica Stam-length. Your legs are seriously long enough though, the boots don't make them look short at all!

dekker05 wrote:

the blue dress worn with black platforms open at the front pleasantly excites me

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