last night's party

April 20, 2009

Desperately needing to get back to comments. However I also have 1309326 tests and assignments vying for my attention also so I just wanted you all to know I'm not trying to be rude! I WILL get to them before the weekend. Due to the lack of a proper outfit post, here are just a bunch of photos from a 21st I went to. The theme... Black & White Mafia!

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Unknown wrote:

oh hello there Miss Philippines! cute party! are you Pinay?
i love your make up, you always manage to look sexy and sweet at the same time.

Unknown wrote:

oh hello there Miss Philippines! cute party! are you Pinay?
i love your make up, you always manage to look sexy and sweet at the same time.

Anika wrote:

Oooh, love the theme. And as usual, you look fab!

p.s. I threw an award your way (check out my blog to see it :)

Have a great one,

Eeli wrote:

teehee. I've already seen these....:P Still pretty second time around :D



Love + Cake wrote:

Hi :) You look fabulous! I LOVE the gloves!!!

xox, mavi

noone wrote:

Oooh Miss Philippines!! Looks like you guys had so much fun! :D

pumps & luiers wrote:

great fun - love the hat

Macy wrote:

looks like you guys had fun. Looove the blog xx

don't eat my rice wrote:

I've been on a glove-seeking mission, but of the fingerless variety. Sharp and sexy outfit. Looks like the party was a lot of fun. Hope the school work is just as exciting.

Noelle Chantal wrote:

cute black and white mafia theme! i like your outfit with those gloves, hat, layered chain neklaces and pefect with a Mafia man beside you. hehe you look good together! :)

Anonymous wrote:

I love the outfit and the makeup!

Unknown wrote:

your style has officially become one of the coolest i have seen around here. i don't normally rave but i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style! i'm floored. haha. seriously. you and eeli both totally rock my socks off.

i'd love to exchange notes and links! i can't wait to see more of your style (there i go raving again)!

much love


Macy wrote:

hey, thanks for the comment.

I've linked you up to my blog now.

Unknown wrote:

thanks for the link-up! no, i'm in awe of you. haha. gaaareat style. and for that, you've totally given me inspirations on how to style this shoot for an article i'm doing. ;)

much love


Lauren wrote:

Looks like the party was a blast!! Great photos, you look great, I love the gloves : )

Anonymous wrote:

you look so pretty! i love that your makeup matches your dress

Alyssa Roman wrote:

I checked out the website for Shop Till you Drop mag and it seems really cool! I'd never heard of it, so thnx :)
How's stat in New Zealand, difficult? It's pretty easy here, but anything math related is so not my thing! :P

vicen wrote:

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Anonymous wrote:

awesome theme! You look great :)

Trisch xo

Yuka wrote:

oo you guys look like u had so much fun! the boy in the last pic has the prettiest blue eyes.

Eeli wrote:

Ooh! You added more doll. Methinks these aren't up on FB :*(

Anyhoo I know right!? I was suspicious even with that female picture they put up there. Seriously WHERE do you find these people. Because I seriously need to hang with them lol. I just kid teehee. And oh my gosh, i think the courier came by this morning but everyone was damn well lazy and lets just say now i have to like mishg an hour to grab my letter! hahaha Oopsies

Anyhoo have a fab weekend doll! :)


Alice. wrote:

A really cute outfit, I love the gloves with the dress, it all surprisingly goes together fab! x

Thevisionarybutterfly wrote:

Shoes and gloves dynOmite

Vertiginoso wrote:

The first picture delightfully sounds as the (Heavenly)"multiplication of Party Girl-esque GLAM", on such a sensual mode (Aaaaahh face to "Miss Philippines'Beads of Sweat-issime" cleavage) !!!!
ps: AND yes for the way your black gloves instil a "day to day SM CHIC twist" on your sexy presence . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Bella Harris wrote:

The gloves, the chains, smokey eyes... it's gorgeous!

Sending you lots of good luck on your tests and assignments!

phamzy wrote:

i like the fierce look and layered necklaces!

La Mimi wrote:

You are gorgeous!:)
Love all the photos and poses:)
I guess you must have been super busy, since you haven't posted in a while...
Hope everything is great

Tess wrote:

oh i love your gloves they are fantastic!! super cute with your outfit.

Nori wrote:

I love your blog. Are you a Filipina too?

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