April 10, 2009

I just had to see what the fuss was all about with these F21 Wang knockoffs. And I have to say it was pretty well worth the small fortune I paid to get them shipped here. My only complaint - damn accursed PU! That stuff is savagely unforgiving.

Sorry about the lack of updates, I have only just managed to shake off a nasty bout of flu, mixed in with a few uni assignments and a weather god hellbent on unleashing hailstorms all rolled up into one charming week. Rawr. Promise to get back to comments soon!

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James wrote:

Is there a way of saying you have amazing eyes and lips without sounding creepy? Hmmmm.... probably not.

Dakota77 wrote:

Nice, as always:). Is the sweater from F21, too?

Anonymous wrote:

i love the color of the skirt and top, purple looks great on you

Anika wrote:

Lol@Too Many Tights, you do have amazing eyes and lips :D

I adore the Wang knockoffs! They look fabulous on you, more so than on other bloggers (shh, don't tell them I said that). I thought about buying them but then thought 'pu'? and decided not to. Can't stand the stuff.

hope you have a fab weekend and that life doesn't continue to hit you in the balls....thats been me until a few days ago. Grrr.

Love + Cake wrote:

You're so gorgeous!! I love the sweater and the boots. You look fab.

xo, mavi

Jenna// wrote:

the shoes...
words cant
cute outfit :]

Anonymous wrote:

stunning. just stunning!!! Glad you're feeling better :-)

Alyssa Roman wrote:

You look especially gorgeous in the second picture. Those shoes are heavenly!

Would you like to exchange links?
I'll add you!


elsa wrote:

Great outfit! I love the sweater and the shoes!!!! Gorgeous.. xoxo

Anonymous wrote:

You look great! You work those boots so well!

Trisch xo

Eeli wrote:







enough said :P

Actually I lie..... its not, How are you spending the break? Wellllll I hope! Geez hop onto the chain missy!! ;) haha just teasing hehe, take your time I'm sure whatever you do with it it will be faboosh!

xoxo Eeli

Anonymous wrote:

love the shoes shape and the color of the skirt.

Samantha wrote:

Those Wang knockoffs are amazing! I'd order my own pair if i weren't broke D:
anways, they look great on you.

Single Lady wrote:

It's the clutch that's stolen my heart in these pictures I love it! As usual you've put together a stunning outfit!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Ooooooohh I really think that the "fetish peep-toe effect" will never fail to mesmerize me . . . AND your "Sexy/GLAM Rock Allure au Naturel" delightfully electrifies it !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Couture Carrie wrote:

You look gooooorgeous, darling! Love the sheer wrap (and the booties too, of course!).





I'm still debating.

Comfort level??

YOU look so gorgeous in that body con mini<3


Kandace wrote:

Love how you rocked the F21 Wangs. It's cool to see them with a more casual outfit than what I normally wear them with. Btw that Twain quote is amazing. It's very insightful yet hilarious. I totally cracked up.

Bella Harris wrote:

Babe you're rock'n those F21-Wang heels... haven't gotten around to wear mine just yet, but I still love'em.


LIZ-piration wrote:

you look stunning as usual! those boots awww xo

Lulu wrote:

i am inloveeee with those shoes!!

Unknown wrote:

Love the outfit. I saw those shoes at Forever21, i was so close to buying them!


Gorrrrgeous cardigan!

La C.

Annisa NF wrote:



Angela wrote:

cute heels.

Mom Fashion World wrote:

love the pouty lips, my dear!
and of course, the fringe boots!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

p.s. thanks for the comments.
happy Easter/holidays!

Jessie wrote:

tehehe I'm not the first one to think you look FREAKING AMAZING! I'm so jealous! I loveeee those boots they're killer! =D Christ the shipping would've been a bitch but I'd kill to be you right now ;)
I love that top and your cardi too! Where's the top from?
Love love love this outfit!

Yuka wrote:

i tried on these shoes in the store and i couldnt get over the pain. no bueno for me. i wish it didnt have that toe seperating part.

dekker05 wrote:

hese shoes excite me a max, I'd better trampled by them;

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