at dusk

April 1, 2009

My laptop has been resurrected. Nothing a phone call to the good ol' service centre in India couldn't fix.

Sooner or later, I will go bankrupt because of Siren. Why must they keep releasing shoes that have plucked from the depths of my wildest dreams?

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James wrote:

Damn! Double damn! Awesome, Loving the chain especially, and the black lace.

What's the beach?

Unknown wrote:

Your chain necklace is fabulous wearable hardware. I have a multitude of chain bracelets myself which I have to take off one by one when I'm typing at work because they get too heavy.

Love the shade of those heels, gorgeous. And your legs look a mile long! They probably are. My 5"1 self weeps.

Eeli wrote:

Wholly heck don't I know that feeling! :9

Freaking delicious these are and always you're looking HOT! :P

Ashley wrote:

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Vertiginoso wrote:

AND a Dusk placed under the sign of (shiny) "BOMBshell-esque" elegance !!! I really like the way the stylish palette of colours is in harmony with the crepuscular Background, its bewitching subtlety . . .
ps: Frankly glad for your laptop's resurrection (I am always lost with "cyber mysteries") !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Anonymous wrote:

great studded shorts!

Femstar2000 wrote:

Your shoes, are sexy =.D

Lauren wrote:

I love your shoes.
The blue is the perfect shade matched with the dark worn wood of the heel and platform!And all the buckles???? I loveeeeeee!

Couture Carrie wrote:

Okay, this look is amazing! Where did you get those incredible sandals? Your legs look a mile long! And I love that great pile of chains you are wearing, too!

Btw, am having a contest on my blog today so be sure to pop by and enter!


lnguyen wrote:

everything from your outfit is so awesome! the shoes, the chains, the tops.. =)

Anonymous wrote:

you look gorgeous! I love the layered necklace look...and the shoes..the shoes...I'm in heaven! :-)

pumps & luiers wrote:

your shoes are always top of the bill!!!
love the chains too

Yuka wrote:

this outfit is just so damn perfect!!

Unknown wrote:

great photos ...fab shoes and accessories!

phamzy wrote:

love, love, love your outfit! those necklaces are amazing! the blue shoes is fabulous!

Anonymous wrote:

great style, jewels are trendy and the coolness plays well.

Eeli wrote:

Darnit must read comments before replying haha.

1. Comment disabling occurs because I don't think anyone will comment on them :(

2. Twitter is like FB or myspace except without the delicious photos and excessive babbling. You aint missing on much hun. Tres disapointed with it right now :(

3. The harems were a recent aquisition from HK :(

Wow so many sad faces :(

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JOY :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Oh boy i need the sleep :*(

Ta-ta lovely xoxoxo

Anika wrote:

hey gorgeous girl. I LUUUURVEEE those shoes. Are they new, or just a variation of the old strappy Siren ones (that came in the black, brown, tan and orange)? Seriously, you are the devil on my shoulder...I'm tempted to go out tomorrow and buy them!

Seriously, they make your already awesome outfit just POP!

Love, love, love, love, love, love (okay, I think you get the point :)

LIZ-piration wrote:

amazing! .... denim on heels..

Alyssa Roman wrote:

those are some dreamy shoes!

Love + Cake wrote:

Those shoes are so fabulous. I love the color. You look so gorgeous in these pics, too. x.



You look cool and sexy!


The Style Of Vintage wrote:

love the outfit! great blog!

Tamia wrote:

Glad to hear your computer was fixed! Have you had a chance to respond to the question for the magazine?

Angela wrote:

love the shoes and the layering necklaces are super!

LenoreNeverM♡re wrote:

2 words= Those Shoes!!!
Thanks for your kind words, mom is feeling much better now...Lovely weekend to you beautiful!

yiqin; wrote:

I can't take my eyes off the shoes!

Anonymous wrote:

I love Siren too - just bought another pair of shoes yesterday... sigh... I had wanted a pair the same as yours in brown but they've sold out in my size.
I love them too much.

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i love everything about you!
i love the looks, outfit, accessories and the blue, blue shoes!

p.s. i added you to my blogroll already.

Kandace wrote:

Loving the piled on necklaces and the blue heels. Btw because I just discovered your blog and think it is so awesome I tagged you for an award. Check it out.

Alice. wrote:

Fit shoes and chains :)

Nina (Femme Rationale) wrote:

gorgeous! i love the layered necklaces!

Charmaine Li wrote:

i love that lace thing underneath! i've been meaning to get a bra or bralet or something with lace to layer with for the summer! yours is perfect!

Trendy Gourmandise wrote:

so sexy nice outfit

esther wrote:

gorgeous outfit, gorgeous shoes. love all your chains :)

Single Lady wrote:

Those shoes are gorgeous, I don't usually like the wood effect on shoes but with the blue it goes perfectly. Love those denim hot pants as well they are so on-trend!

Shes Dressing Up wrote:

Wow... The colour of those shoes! Its amazing! In fact, this whole outfit is =]!

Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

ohh i have the exact same pair in black :D

Ashley wrote:

Omgosh, I totally agree with you about Siren. I have those same shoes in black and I absolutely love them to death.

Although they look AMAZING in blue, I don't think I saw them in that colour anywhere!

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