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April 12, 2009

My post for Eeli's Aphex Chain Challenge! I decided to interpret the blue sash as a whimsical body harness of sorts. My boyfriend didn't even bat an eye when I told him he was going to help me bandage myself with a piece of ribbon before heading out in public for the day. What does that tell me?

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James wrote:

Amazing outfit (as usual). I have bad memories associated with that fountain. There was a girl... it was messy. I'm off to cry.

Eeli wrote:

Poppit! Not much to add to WOW lol.

Killer outfit, killer interpretation, killer style.

Part professional, part rocker! But which way to look?



pumps & luiers wrote:

wow, really stunning

lol must be fun to ask your boyfriend ;)

Anonymous wrote:

Love it... Amazing!!!
Your outfits are such an inspiration to me!!
Thanks for having such a sick style!

yiqin; wrote:

The lace + electric blue straps honestly blew me away!

Lauren wrote:

Wow, you look like a total badass in these photos! Great interpretation :)

Alyssa Roman wrote:

That outfit is out of this world! Nice job!

Anika wrote:

Oooooh adore this outfit, and the pop of blue. Just gorgeous.

And lol at the boyfriend not batting an eye. My boy knows the drill and even with more outrageous looks, will appraise them with a so called "decidedly more knowledeable eye". Haha.

p.s. I threw an award your way, check out my blog :)

lnguyen wrote:

yea..you should see it in person! i couldn't pass it up..

loving the contrast of the blazer..and that last picture, awesome!! i forget my cam could do the same things and i just don't take advantage of it. gotta say thanks for reminding me.. =)

Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

i lovee it :D

Yuka wrote:

this outfit is sick! im so in love with it. im digging the blue ribbon, and the lace. and your blazer is so beautiful.

Anonymous wrote:

the way you tied that ribbon looks awesome

Vertiginoso wrote:

Oooooooh YES YES YES YES When "GLAM Rock meets SM CHIC" like That, Because you truly are the perfect Ambassadress of this sulfurous/electrifying stylish Tendency !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Alice. wrote:

You are so pretty, love your style, good use or ribbon, never thought of it :)

Thank you for your lovely comment ox

Rachel Lynne wrote:

I am IN love with your outfit, blog and writing style! We should definatley exchange links, no?
with love,
rachel lynne

Noelle Chantal wrote:

you always surprise me with your impeccable sense of style! and the idea of wearing the blue sash underneath the lace top is perfect! i like the electric blue peeping out on the sea of blacks and grays colors in your outfit.

you look AMAZING as always, marcella! :)

Anonymous wrote:

holy glam batman! you look great :)
trisch xo

Rosanna wrote:

this is hot! love the leather gloves!!!


noone wrote:

Great outfit and you're beautiful!!

Single Lady wrote:

Fabulous idea with the blue sash! It's so different and original and blue is so in at the moment that it works really well.

La Mimi wrote:

Wow! I'm so glad I've discovered yet another wonderful blog! I love your adventurous style ;)


Nina (Femme Rationale) wrote:

what a cool way to wear a simple blue sash! and you gotta love bf's who are so immune to our fashion quirks. ah, bless their souls. haha

Jessie wrote:

Wow. you look amazing! geez you just do it right everytime!! Lol you should smile in your photos Marcella! Your smile is soo pretty =) although I can't talk coz I never smile either...Hmmm I wonder why that is... Haha anyway. Sigh I'm in love with this outfit. Your gloves are amazing, and I love the lapels on your blazer, there's something so fresh about the angle of them... I'm sooo overanalysing your outfit LOL. (too much tech notes doing stats I tell ya!)

Haha damn... well at least you'll get some damn good wear out of them ;) and a lot of people giving you jealous looks on the street!

Damn, you caught me out! Yea I was lazy for awhile, couldn't be bothered uploading photos haha. See, but I posted 2 posts just for you =) tehehe

xx Jessie

kulululu wrote:

wow, i just fall in love with ypur blog!!

Unknown wrote:

wow! that is a suuper bondage look. Dominatrix. You look awesome. grrrr. if only i have the guts...

Unknown wrote:

this is outfit is SICK! i love how you did the body harness blue ribbon sash thing =] it is so creative and love how you paired it with the lace top.....haha at the boyfriend maybe ill have one to ask one day =]

esther wrote:

haha! that's great about your boyfriend...
amazing, creative outfit. awesome awesome.

Love + Cake wrote:

Wow, very well put together. I love the pants, are they real leather?

And I like that last picture, it must've taken a while to edit! It looks great :)

xo, mavi

Seeker wrote:

Great interpretation!!!
Love it, congratulations!


B.Marie wrote:


Susana Rodrigues wrote:

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Love it!
Amazing Leggings + Boots combo :)
The lace is also so cool!

Kisses girl!

Tamia wrote:

Whoa. BADASS all the way. And that last photo is stunning!

Tatiana Nguyen wrote:

Omgosh, where did you get your shoes from! I've seen similar but without the lace and i'm soo dying for a pair of lace up boots right now! thanks :D


phamzy wrote:

i like the fierce look. great idea on the blue sash!


styledigger wrote:

LOVE your shoes and blazer!

La Mode is Rad! wrote:

Stellar outfit!

Eva. wrote:

The shoes are amazing.. Been trying to find that kind of style everywhere but don't seem to be able to :/

Bella Harris wrote:

Hands-down one of my favorites! Killer creativity with the sash... love everything about this. xxx

Kandace wrote:

Love this outfit and the fact that you have the confidence to totally rock it. That and well the fact that your poses are awesome. I could learn a thing or two from you :)


Abby wrote:

wow!! I love your take on this, you are so cleverly stylish.

I am sorry it took me about 50 years to send it to you!!


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