winter garden

March 21, 2009

knit sweater & belt; vintage. skirt; valleygirl. leather chain strap (worn as bracelet); diva. hosiery; glassons. boots; marco fiorano.

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Unknown wrote:

wow girl, you look so cute in that outfit. i love the legging and the boots.

great pictures btw. love love love them all!

Goldie Locks wrote:

Wow! What beautiful pictures...

Anika wrote:

Gorgeous colours and great proportions. Absolutely loving the new winter outfits on Australian/NZ blogs :)

Eeli wrote:

lol I know right!?!!! Honestly I had to wiki Murphys Law because I'd never encountered that expression before! :O Shhhhhhh ;)

I really like the gold accents you've added to your outfit toooooo. The earrings and the chain and the buckle! AND of course those TIGHTS!!!!! Aaaah.

NP doll, take your time with it. Just have fuuuuuuun :D


Vertiginoso wrote:

I really like the way your flat boots give You an evanescent allure of "Sexy elf escaped from the Wood" . . . with the printed tights for the exquisite twist !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Unknown wrote:


helen wrote:

whoa, you look great, love your outfit, love your blog!!
i'll def. come back
please visit my blog too!!
xx helen

James wrote:

So pretty! You forgot to mention where you got the lace tights.. :)

the desert foxx wrote:

love th boots and the tights, the pictures look amazing as well!

Mom Fashion World wrote:

thank you soo much.
mr. freddy's happy to hear your comments.

you're chic looking here.
i love those lace tights and skirt.

Charmaine Li wrote:

very cool intricate pretty tights !

Unknown wrote:

I love everything about this look. It is simple perfection...the slouchy sweater with the cute skirt.

And those lacy tights!!

phamzy wrote:

lovely thights!

Karen wrote:

love the tights!!!
- Karen

Loving Lately wrote:

those tights are fantastic, and the skirt is so pretty!


I love your tights and these photos are simply DIVINE! :]


Yuka wrote:

i love the leather chain strap! looks great as a bracelet!

Chopstick wrote:

WOW that outfit is perfect for the winter garden! when i visited auckland last year, my aunty took me to the winter garden and the "hot house" next to it; i loved it so much i didn't want to leave. :) especially the long rectangular pond outside!


Anonymous wrote:

love ur outfit, knit sweater is gorgeous!

Trendy Gourmandise wrote:

lovely outfit

morena wrote:

wow !! lovee this look!!!

You have a great style :)

Couture Carrie wrote:

These photos are amazing! Love your outfit, especially those tights!


Ida wrote:

Marcella, darling, that's an amazing post! Everything in it ranging from the tights, boots, bracelets, skirt, location and of course, you, is just stunning. LOVE it!


Mimi wrote:

Love the tights,the skirt and your great belt.

Nina (Femme Rationale) wrote:

i LOOOOVE your tights! and such pretty photos. you look gorg!

. wrote:

i lovelove the skirt and tights. those boots look comfortable as well.

Jessie wrote:

WOW those tights are killer! this outfit is so amazingly put together =D! And I must say, it's quite rare to see you wear flat soled shoes hehe =P

Haha oh it's so amazing yea! Especially the blur! I love the background blur =D it's given me a whole new perspective on life (haha, just kidding)!

Oh damn, ohwell at least you know not to buy it from flyjane next time! Yea hopefully the weather will get a bit colder and then I'll be able to wear it more, but it's a bit higher than what I'm used to...with the platform and all!

Haha yea 208 is proving to be a pain in the ass already! I have this old guy called Bryce for econ201, he goes too slow! Haha ooh really? Is Heiko Japanese or something?

Yay yea do come say hi if you see me! =D I'm always half-blind (glasses-less) so I don't see people unless they approach me haha

Noelle Chantal wrote:

the floral tights is so pretty. looks great with the boots and cardi. great photos as usual! i esp like the peeping shot at the 2nd photo. :)

Nika wrote:

nice outfit, the tights and skirt are darling.

gloria wrote:

beautiful pictures

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