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March 24, 2009

Temporarily struck by a bout of insanity, I attempted to take on the quixotic task of beading this military vest.

...which turned out to be quite possibly the most savagely painstaking process ever. My fingers are still protesting at being stabbed a zillion times over. I have a feeling this project will fall victim to my growing list of half completed DIY's.

What must you be so unattainable, Balmain?

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Lauren wrote:

Your work looks fantastic. If I were you I would hang it up somewhere noticeable so when your fingers stop hurting you will be able to see how worth it the work was : )

Anonymous wrote:

oh wow that must have taken forever but it looks so cool

pumps & luiers wrote:

yes it's true, i'm finally back!

love the vest - perfect

big kiss

pumps & luiers wrote:

yes it's true, i'm finally back!

love the vest - perfect

big kiss

James wrote:

Uh-huh? Next project... hand stitching giant sequins on a pair of tights. I feel your pain.

Looks awesome, though.

Loving Lately wrote:

the vest looks fantastic! pleeeeease finish it.

The Queen of Hearts wrote:

I think what you did is nice. I love anything military and anything navy -- structure structure structured. Balmain is divine so I feel your pain...still, an A for effort : )

Alice X wrote:

my god please do a post on how you diy-ed this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! :)

Anonymous wrote:

looks fab! i have a vest like that... so you just beaded each tiny silver beads on? wow... how long did that take!

Song of Style wrote:

oh wow u did this? ure sooo talented! it looks awesome!

Noelle Chantal wrote:

wow you are so creative! the vest looks so much different now. i like how you used silver beads to pair the gold buttons. beautifully done! :)

Mom Fashion World wrote:

what a genius mind on diy vest!
i love it!

please let me know if you're interested to exchange links. i would love to.

NatalĂ­ wrote:

Wow!! That was well done. Hehehe, I guess I am going to copy this idea.

Love + Cake wrote:

Looks fab! I also really like the studs on those shorts... :)

xx. mavi

Unknown wrote:

OMG genius! I love it, so pretty. I know what you mean, DIY's can be so painful sometimes ; I still have bruises on my fingers from my attempts at studding some shorts arg.
but the end results are worth it right? ;)

Oh and I only worked at Cotton On during December-January, it was only a casual position. I'm unemployed again right now :( Do you still work at Valley Girl? I applied for the Queen Street one a couple of weeks ago. Did they take a long time to contact you?

Eeli wrote:

Babe nevermind about that right now! Your poor fingers are what needs your attention!!! Eep, i cannot imagine the pain you subjected them too!? Did you individually stick each 'bobble' on? It seems half done? Try to finish it dear! It looks like such a pretty thing as it is imagine when you actually complete it!


Chopstick wrote:

WOW! what a great job beading! i'm so in awe :O Also, i totally agree with you about valleygirl. If i hang in that store long enough, that top actually doesn't look too bad. then i buy it. LOL.

Marcella wrote:

Charlie: Sorry hun I can't visit your blog as it's invite only! Would love to see it - another kiwi yay!

I spent about 5 hours straight on that vest... and I'm only halfway done.

Yuka wrote:

it looks really really really good!!

LIZ-piration wrote:

ohh wow i love finish it :D

Ida wrote:

I don't think I'll ever be patient enough to even get started on a diy project, which is why I admire those who do miracles like that vest. Gorgeous.


Mel wrote:

Love the beading job!!

Trendy Gourmandise wrote:

sweet jacket

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