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March 19, 2009

I have temporarily escaped from the clutches of assignments and things of that irksome nature. Been desperately needing time to spend on updating the store and have finally got around to it! This is just a preview of the stuff I'll be putting up tonight.

All these indoor posts I've been doing lately must be getting so insipid - we have been itching to get outside again but the weather just has nothing better to do than conspire against us. So lame.

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Unknown wrote:

oh honey you are sooo adorable, especially on the first picture.
btw, i love the shade of your lips, what is that?

. wrote:

ooooh your picture quality is amazing. I love the blue dress and the vest!

Song of Style wrote:

love the second top!!
and thanx for the sweet comment. i heart ur blog too! love the way u style ur clothes!!!

Jessie wrote:

Yikes I'm so sorry for my terribly late reply! I've been silently following your posts though =)
I really love your fur vest from the previous post and gahhh those studded heels are heaven! Loving your boyf's new camera too! It's really awesome! Must've been some crazy figure!
Haha indeed I've maxed out my new (not so new) credit card! About twice now! And it sucks that I've only got a $500 limit... Crazyyy I could do with $10000! But that's probably an amount I wouldn't be able to pay back! Haha I suppose you did warn me eh?
Oh and I got those boots from gojane after a heappp of contemplation! Hope you don't mind =)! Oh and it seems that gojane is a bit cheaper than flyjane so for future references =D!
Yikes... I just handed in my first stats208 assignment today... I officially hate R! Haha, do you have to use it alot throughout other Stats papers? Oh and by the way, did you take stats125 or stats210? I'm deciding between those two... I'm also taking Econ201 this semester, gahh the lecturer I have is HELLA boring, he talks so slow and puts everyone to sleep!
Anyways hope you've been well and that you're not collapsing under the Uni workload! Sorry for my mega long comment! Haha xx

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i love all your outfits esp the vest.
i love those red lipstick too!


Your shoes kill me!! :]


Larissa wrote:

Loving the chains in the third photo, Balmain would be proud!


Couture Carrie wrote:

Really beautiful looks!


calavera wrote:

i love your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are fantastic in this pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIZ-piration wrote:

i love the first image....
and yay to red lips xo

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