March 30, 2009

Jak and Jil

My laptop decided to go spontaneously kaput on me over the weekend so I am at the mercy of public internet access for now. Frustrating to say the least!

In other news, I am seriously weighing up the merits of inflicting upon myself a bruised butt in exchange for this look.

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Unknown wrote:

that is literally a pain in the butt, but you go girl! am excited to see this one on you!

Song of Style wrote:

i've already started studding one of my pants.. but my hands hurt to much.. i'm taking a break haha

Eeli wrote:

Geez, I think my answer would be a resounding YES from all FIVE walls haha. Maybe just sit on the one butt cheek though ;) haha.

Hope Mr (Miss? Confused?) lappy of yours gets un-sick sooooon! :)

Lauren wrote:

I think those pants are for sure worth the bruised butt haha : )

Ida wrote:

Go for it! If anyone can pull it off, it's you, Marcella. Seriously <3


the desert foxx wrote:

I love that picture. it' perfect.
now all i need is some studs, a pair of jeans and some siscors.

oh yea, and a nice butt.

Vertiginoso wrote:

OOooooh I am Truly sure that this Roaring look is made for you !!!!
ps: "RIP" to your computer (it maybe besides in the "cyber heaven" now ). . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Stacy wrote:

I love these jeans. Not sure how it feels when she sits down though.

Anonymous wrote:

delicious...I love this :-)

lady stardust wrote:

noo waayy
just amazing,
loooved it.

Tamia wrote:

Bruise it! Some style requires suffering... Your feet already understand this.

Charmaine Li wrote:

bahahah bruised butt.. i might possibly sacrifice my butt for that look too.. first i have to buy.. studs... haha :)

pumps & luiers wrote:

wow, looks painfull but supercool

Bella Harris wrote:

The first time I saw this image... my jaw dropped! Bruised ass or not... I need to DIY this immediately!

Alice. wrote:

Cool, looks like a DIY I tried to attempt only mine looked a state, totally rocks :) The pain is worth the look ox

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