March 10, 2009

Sporadic postings I'm afraid, classes are taking over my life again.

Ugh. I booked an appointment for a hair trim which turned into a full blown haircut. I specified 1 cm off. I got 1 inch off. Whyyyyyyy?? Plus I got conned into a ridiculous attempt at "shaping". Hairdresser's terminology strikes again. (Note to self: feathering = hacking out of chunks. Avoid at all cost.)

By the way, these photos are old. I don't feel quite ready yet to reveal my newfound baldness.

Oh and my obsession with these platforms continues....

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don't eat my rice wrote:

GUH. I love you. Nothing like a dose of your striking style to lift me out of my two week long rut of being too busy to wear more than one pair of shoes (true story). This outfit and whichever other one I haven't commented on are GLORIOUS. Undiluted sunshine, buy one get two free, butter is now a diet food kind of amazing.

I'm going to pull out my neglected heels and wayyy overdress for sushi and sake.


Unknown wrote:

oh i love that fur vest. you look so rock and roll as usual. i love your shoe and all the accessories.

Noelle Chantal wrote:

great outfit as always! i like how you paired the fur vest over the lace top. you look beautiful! and i can see you're not removing that killer shoes from the day you tried them. hehe :)

Vertiginoso wrote:

Mmmmmhh Actually I am a "self proclaimed expert on Football forecasts" . . . AND I am Truly sure that your Feline's Charm/presence AND your Roaring Sexyness are stainless, beyond your (mysterious) new haircut !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Chopstick wrote:

oh that furry vest!
i'm sure your hair looks fantastic! :) but yes, i totally agree on avoiding feathering if you want most of your hair to stay in place. once i went to the hairdresser's to trim my ends, and she wanted to give my head more "volume", so i was all, "uhm, okay", and when i came out i had an afro. -__-

. wrote:

this is why i trim my own hair lol. 1 inch = 5 inches and all the "dry ends" errrrrghhhhh hahaha

ilikestuff wrote:

That's why I ALWAYS bring a picture of the haircut I want. Because "shoulder-length bob" means different things to different people.

Unknown wrote:

Marcella you silly thing! I bet your haircut is gorgeous because YOU'RE gorgeous! But you're right, it took me a while to find the hairdresser of my dreams. Now I've found her, I'll never let her go. I'll even stalk her if she leaves!

And when uni is over, you're blog will be on fiyyyahhh! (Fire!)


The girl with the always gorgeous, legs, clothes and hair!! =]

Thanks so much!! <3


Unknown wrote:

You might have your mind set on something ages before you get there, but somehow hairdressers always trick you into some silly hairstyle. ugh

Where did you get your leggings from?

The Style Of Vintage wrote:

lovely vest!

Adair wrote:

That fur vest is amazing!

Nina (Femme Rationale) wrote:

hi marcella! thx so much for your sweet comment! i am so digging your style. and can i please have your shoes?? where are they from???

thx for linking me on your site...i will link you on mine, too. :)

Karen wrote:

love the shoes.

- Karen

Ida wrote:

You are so beautiful! That last shot should be in a magazine.

And please don't worry about the hair. It will grow out before you know it. But I do get you. I ALWAYS come home from the hairdresser's with tears in my eyes *lol*

Anika wrote:

Lol@the hairdresser story...I'm sorry, they ARE evil.
And loving this outfit, and the Siren shoes...I've had my eye on these for the last 2 months....hmmmmm :)

Claire Geist wrote:

fabulous texture combo!!

i love them leggings


Abbey wrote:

yay a kiwi ;D
you look beautiful <3 leather


Noelle Chantal wrote:

hi, marcella! i'll be adding you to my links, your blog is one of my favorite! stay gorgeous lady. :)

Bella Harris wrote:

I completely understand your obsession with those righteous heels... they are ridiculously wicked!


styledigger wrote:

Girl you look fabulous!

Loving Lately wrote:

Just started reading your blog~ you are gorgeous. And I am totally in love with the lace top you have on under the vest.

ilikestuff wrote:

I learned the hard way that "short, layered bob" means very different things to different people. I NEVER go to the hairdresser without a picture of exactly what I want.

Trendy Gourmandise wrote:

crazy shoes ! i like it

Nika wrote:

those shoes!, yum!

holly wrote:

great shoes+they look fantastic with the extremely shiny leggings

Sara Bow wrote:

i'm so in love with your shoes ! & you look gorgeaus ! i love your style & your blog :D

Anonymous wrote:


dekker05 wrote:

sexy high heels and can be real weapons of defense with these heels, no man could resist a shot back as the photo suggests;

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