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March 24, 2009

I have been wearing a disproportionate amount of Valleygirl lately. One of the repercussions of working there - I spend way too much time with the clothes and mediocre items start looking very attractive by the end of the day and then I end up buying it.

For everyone outside NZ and Aus, Valleygirl is like our replica version of Forever 21. In fact, I have my suspicions that they are actually the same thing. Both are a Korean owned massive country-wide chain. Everything of theirs is pretty much mass produced and priced cheaply. And their clothing ranges look ridiculously similar in terms of styles and fabrics. Conspiratory theories anyone?

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Celia wrote:

Not really consipiracy theory, more like fact lol. I dunno if you've ever been to the US but all major clothing stores that sell cheaply (f21, wet seal, charlotte, styles...) have the same clothing - different brand name.
Same goes with makeup.

Although, f21 has been sued for replicas - ya never know.

Anika wrote:

Oooh, who cares if its Valleygirl, that mesh top is awesome.

And those shoes, I have had my heart set on them since the first time I saw them! Siren?

Anonymous wrote:

that is such a cool looking sweater

helen wrote:

Gosh! love this outfit!! and your legs look beautiful :)
the shoes are great!!!

xoxo helen

Unknown wrote:

I suspect you're right. F21 and Valleygirl buyers must get their stuff from the same ol' factories and slap their different brands on it. I know that Max and Reiss in the UK get their stuff from the same places too.

I'm so glad to see you post, Marcella! I've missed your fierce shoe game. You look particularly dramatic in these pics. Have you had your hair done? It looks great!

Tamia wrote:

Is that a (p)leather skirt? Love!

Must google "Valleygirl"...

LenoreNeverM♡re wrote:

Sizzling HOT look...especially your legs! need a Fan pleassse...

Couture Carrie wrote:

Divine outfit! Love the sandals so much . . . the whole look is tres fab!


pumps & luiers wrote:

wow, sexy skirt ;)

don't eat my rice wrote:

This outfit is all yum and perfect weekend inspiration. Well balanced, beautiful texture, all soft and drapey.

And if Valleygirl's lines are as expansive and overwhelmingly colorful as F21, don't worry about wearing it too much. You may not wear it enough. There aren't enough days in our lives to get through all those clothes. Somehow that's an incredibly happy thought.

Yuka wrote:

thanks! i like yours as well!
i have those same shoes! they dont look like it, but arent they the most comforable shoes ever??

Michelle wrote:

Wauw i love it! That top is just great and those shoes, just perfect!

. wrote:

love the outfit! i have that same skirt :) f21 and charlotte russe sell pretty different items. i think CR is more expensive but same quality =/ also wet seal is generally a bad sign.. bad quality=cheap prices. i'd stick with f21 and CR!

Love + Cake wrote:

I agree, totally. Mass produced, and total designer rip offs.
Love the outfit, by the way. Looks fabulous on you.

xx. mavi

yiqin; wrote:

I love the color of your hair! The top's really cool too :)

Mom Fashion World wrote:

i wish there's Valleygirl near my place.

you looks so gorgeous in your outfit. i love those shoes as well.

Noelle Chantal wrote:

valley girl, never heard of this one. i agree, your suspicions may be right.

i like the all black outfit here. the cut of the crochet top is really nice. and great photos as always! :)

Ida wrote:

You look HOT. The top is such a delicate yet edgy piece, especially against the shiny skirt. And need I say anything about your shoes? You rock them like no other.

As for Valleygirl or Forever21, we've got neither, but I do get what you mean. It is scary, no? And so addictive.


Bella Harris wrote:

Hahaha, sweety this post is so damn cute. But I know exactly what you mean about being pulled into the suck-zone of these retailers! lol-xxx

You look gorgeous as always, btw.

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