dyeing violet

March 4, 2009

Been playing around with some crazy new lens my boyfriend just bought. Apparently he is unaware of the dire financial circumstances gripping the global economy at this moment in time.

Random fact: Woke up this morning to find KO'ed mosquitoes lying on my bed. Rad. Must somehow possess secret ninja skills which I employ to kick some bloodsucking ass in my sleep. Bet they weren't expecting that. Ha!

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Noelle Chantal wrote:

you look so beautiful with that tie dye top! and the boyf shots are wonderful!! the boots and the skirt i like too. :)

Unknown wrote:

you are rock and roll. i love your bracelets.

how tall are you? you really got nice legs there. sorry for me i have sausage legs. huhu

i feel sorry for that small vampire in your bed. ihihihihi.

Angela wrote:

gorgeous pictures as usual. i swear, you are the next rumi neely.

i hate mosquitos so much. seriously. i get so freaked out by them. maybe you should get one of those canopies to put over your bed? but if you posses a secret skill with which you can kill them in your sleep...then that works out too :)

teezaii wrote:

Can I Just Ask Where You Got Your Boots From?
Cassie, mwa xx

j. wrote:

Love the photos! they are so easy breezy! ;-) ah.. and I love the tie dye shirt too.. I tried to make one when I was in highschool but I failed miserably. haha.




I adore those boots!

And haha! If only I possessed those subconscious skills in the summertime!

La C.

clouds of tulle wrote:

lol ninja skills would be awesome to have!

love the skirt!!!

styledigger wrote:

Amazing, I love td t-shirts! And the photos are beautiful!

Anonymous wrote:

i am in love with that top

Amber & Joline wrote:

i love your style. That top looks really nice on you!

and don't worry about the "financial circumstances." Someone needs to keep the economy going, right? hihihi

Chopstick wrote:

Bwahaha! I wish I could ninja-kick my way through the night during sleep time. Thank goodness your skillfulness allows you to only karate chop mosquitoes, and not your boyfriend >:)

I love tie-dyed clothes. That loose tunic-y shirt looks great with the tight leather skirt!!

Apparently, I have been living on Mars for the last few months also, because I just bought two new dresses with money that I should've used for more important things like food. For living.


jaleh behtash wrote:

those boots are so goood especially paired with the tie dye top! love it

Anika wrote:

The top is incredible; my obsession with tie dye continues!

And those boots.....still very much killer!

Charmaine Li wrote:

love the tie dye shirt! amazing outfit and kickass boots! yee!

Tamia wrote:

Ooh, the boots! Love!

Hmmm...must learn to deploy top-secret nighttime ninja moves on the centipedes I get around here...because in the light of day they FREAK ME OUT.

Unknown wrote:

I seriously love this look. Those boots are so amazing. I totally wanted them but they only had small seizes left. That skirt looks so good on you!


Ida wrote:

Ha, bfs' job is to take good photos = welcome to your new home home, new lens!

Looking stunning as always, love, and again you've got the best shoes ever.


Gia wrote:

your style is very cool:)
love all your photos!
have a nice day!

alexandragrecco wrote:

love this! xx

gloria wrote:

i want that top!

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