February 8, 2009

Happy Valentine's day! Couldn't resist posting these, had them lined up a while back but was wanting to hold on until Monday. Futile attempt of course - studying with a laptop in front of you practically begs for misadventures.

Can't wait to catch on everything here soon x

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Unknown wrote:

Fantastic photos as always, Marcella! Work those shorts and heels, girl!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Wooooow Just like a Roaring short denim shorts Goddess under the caressing light (Eeeuuuuhhh -"shy"-AND It frankly will be difficult for me not to falter too much, so "I take my breath" . . . )!!! I am really mesmerized by the "one bare shoulder effect", its sexy/nonchalant gracefulness . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Chopstick wrote:

i wish i could look this good in short shorts! :) i love your ensembles, they're always fantastic. Happy Valentine's Day!

Noelle Chantal wrote:

I love your outfit as always! Those sexy shorts are perfect with those sexy heels and top! Nice accessories too. And oh, Happy Heart's Day to you! :)

Unknown wrote:

girl, you are so rockin on that outfit.

i love the shorts and the cute necklace.

know what, i have a top on the print too.

you are too cute.

La Mode is Rad! wrote:

This outfit is wild! I love it.


Anika wrote:

Stunning photos! Of course it helps that the model is so gorgeous :)

Who takes your photos by the way, they are just so ethereal....

...they're like excerpt from a magazine shoot.

Hope you're having a great week

don't eat my rice wrote:

Thanks for the comment! These are some great pics and those are some great legs. The zebra + jewelry works amazingly well. Love it all.


Sexy mama, LOVE those shorts and heels! =]

xx VDAY outfit up later<3

Kay wrote:

I love the cut of the top

jaleh behtash wrote:

you can do no wrong! this is fabulous!

Kimberley Innes wrote:

Your shoes are amazing!!!! oh my god, it has made me really depressed. I love how magical you make auckland look. Visit my blog sometime x

i devour fashion wrote:

i love this outfit!!!! and your legs darli,'! you must have them insured. =)

Bella Harris wrote:

You wild thing... these photos are HOT. I love the first one especially! xxx

Anonymous wrote:

Oh wow, you're gorgeous! Love your style, these heels are heaven.
Great photos and poses <3 xxx

dekker05 wrote:

really sexy yet this mini-shorts with boots

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