lantern festival

February 19, 2009

Just a select few of my favourite photos from the Chinese Lantern Festival held in Albert Park this year.

We had a little bit too much fun shooting all the pretty glowy objects from highly dramatic perspectives. Only later on did it occurred to us that we managed to fill up the entire camera without a single shot of an actual person. But being rather disinclined to hike back -literally up a hill- to the festival, we sufficed with a few street shots. For reasons unknown I'm looking rather sullen in them haha. Exhibit A:

I gleefully forced persuaded my boyfriend into letting me take this one of him.

All in all it was a rather good night.

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comments: 25

Unknown wrote:

the lantern pics are so cute.

i love your bracelets and rings.

boys cute! you look cute together

i devour fashion wrote:

lovely photos! the colours are so gorgeous! AND i love your shoes! =)

i devour fashion wrote:

lovely photos! the colours are so gorgeous! AND i love your shoes! =)

Noelle Chantal wrote:

beautiful lantern pics! so he's the master behind those wonderful photos in your blog. ah, you guys are perfect!

i love your shoes and lace top and accessories! kinda have that same bag too but with longer fringes. :)

Vertiginoso wrote:

AND This pictures frankly sounds like an exciting Festival of colours, a dazzling architecture sublimated by the darkness !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Dakota77 wrote:

Nice pics!
I've nominated you to Kreativ Blogger Award. Check my blog for details:)

Chopstick wrote:

wow! i wish wellington would do lantern festivals like that :D my friends were up there for the festival before they left for the airport. sigh, wish i could've gone with them!

Louise wrote:

Those lanterns look beautiful! And lovely photos, it can't be easy to get night shots like that so good. My dear, could you be any more chic?


Thank you, darlin'<3

What a glorious bag and those heels. Sounds like an extravagant and gorgeous Holiday to celebrate! =]



Those lanterns are beautiful! I love your bag so much!

La C.

laura wrote:

thanks so much, i will gladly swap links, i've actually turned down every other offer to do so but your photography is fantastic, you remind me SO much of fashion toast, you have kick ass style and you're a fellow aucklander :)

yiqin; wrote:

I have always looked forward to this festival to carry lanterns!!

Charmaine Li wrote:

i think they had something like that in toronto too! looks pretty! love your shoes SO badasss!

Unknown wrote:

What an amazing sight this must have been! I love anything shiny, sparkly and all lit up. Like giant fairy lights. Love it!

Your bangle collection is like wearable hardware! Love love love. And finally we get to see the man behind the lens ;)

Tamia wrote:

Ah, the lanterns are so pretty! Nighttime festivals are like crack to me. I swear, add street vendor food and I'm there.

Anika wrote:

Loving all the different lanters, wish they had a similar celebration here....twould be awesome!

And the studded cuff has my heart in a flutter ;)

Vertiginoso wrote:

ps: Mmmh Mmmh There is a little (double) surprise for You on "stilettosteticooooooooooo" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

j. wrote:

Those are such beautiful photos! The lighting and colors are perfect..

Anonymous wrote:

wow that is an insane bag, i loooove it

don't eat my rice wrote:

Holy crap and a half. This further confirms Vegas' lack of culture and personality. We need asian representation. You look fabulous.

don't eat my rice wrote:

Also. Can you ship to the United States? I'm diggin' some of the items in your store. Email me if you like, or leave a comment on my blog. Thank you!

Bella Harris wrote:


And I'm dying over your jewelry! Damn.

Unknown wrote:

beautiful pics, I should make a mental note to go next year!

oh and cute bf! ;)

Ida wrote:

Hey Marcella!

Thank you for stopping by, and thus letting me discover this jewel of a blog you've got. Adding you to my blogroll right away. And did I mention you have the most AMAZING collection of shoes? AND your bf looks a bit like Edward Norton, in this picture at least:) You are certainly a hot couple!

P.S. As of late, we switched to Nikon d90 from d40. Except for being heavier but faster, I don't really see that much of a difference. It does get dangerous at times, meaning one gets lost in searching the "perfect" lense *lol*

Emy Augustus wrote:

wow those came out really good. is ur bf a professional photographer?

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