February 25, 2009

These glorious, stripper-esque studded creations are one of my (many) recent acquisitions. I am never taking them off.

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styledigger wrote:

Aaaaaah where did you get them?!?! Ther're perfect!

missKaren wrote:

I feel the same about mine. Never ever leaving my feet. I let down all the hems of my slacks to be able to wear them to work. SO MANY STUDS...

Denise L wrote:

OMG! i love it! so sexy for sure!

ana b. wrote:

OooooooOO! I wouldn't either. They've got a bit of a platform. That must help with the comfort factor. Ppl are always asking me if my feet hurt. I tell them I'm an advanced heels wearer and not to worry about me. I bet you are too Marcella!

Noelle Chantal wrote:

oh my that stud stripper like shoes is amazing! and yes, please don't remove them, ever! :)

i devour fashion wrote:

aww! yummy yummy yummy shoes! if only we can sleep with our shoes, i would! =)

clouds of tulle wrote:

wow where are they from? they're great!

Tamia wrote:

I was just looking at a "club wear" site for stripper heels like this. Great minds...
Now, let's see 'em ON!

Eeli wrote:

lol so glad to hear you can relate! It shouldn't faze me but i think their perception of me will change if they do? Like in the negative manner, you know; thoughts like...oh what a narcisist, she must be vain, yada yada yada.... :( But those who know shouldn't care and those that do really shouldn't.

Pretty shoes, i think i've seen them floating around the blogosphere?

As for the package i'll have to reorder the piece and send it off myself. This way i'll def know that it reached you! lol.

Hope you've been wellllll.

Btw you and the boy are looking rather lovely below :) And he sounds like a sweetheart, showing his beautiful girl off to his friendlies :)

Luv always xoxoxo

La Mode is Rad! wrote:

This shoes are perfection! I love, LOVE THEM!

♥ fashion chalet wrote:

THESE make my heart skip a beat.. ohmygodd I need them!! =]


Enep Annisa wrote:


xo :)

yiqin; wrote:

They are totalyl gorgeous! If I own them I will not take them off!

Elizabeth wrote:

i love those shoes so much!

Anonymous wrote:


La Couturier wrote:

i want them!! =]

La C.

Luna Supernova wrote:

oh and the feathered necklace is from lippy and is on sale for $10. score.

The Romantic Apple wrote:

if i had heels like those, i would never take them off too. those are GORGEOUS. what is that, like a 5 inch heel? :O SOOO TALL!!!

legally stylish wrote:

ahhhh i love when i find a pair of shoes that i never take off. these look so comfortable and hot sex.

Miranda wrote:


Angel wrote:


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