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February 28, 2009

Got rained in these past few days so we were hampered to merely cavorting up and around the house. Yes, as in the proverbial All dressed up with nowhere to go. Though it was actually nice for a change not to have any passerbys gawking at me the entire time. Can just imagine all the askance looks I would have garnered in this getup.

And no folks, this ain't a Herve Leger. Alas I have tried many times to kid myself so.

More photos to come from our little exploits...

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Dakota77 wrote:

OMG, the Herve Leger style dress is amazing! You look absolutely stunning:)

Noelle Chantal wrote:

you look totally amazing on this dress! the stud shoes is perfect! super NICE shots as always! :)

Tamia wrote:

Whoa. HOT!

And I was just thinking about this yesterday: I love dressing for myself, but sometimes the skeevy stares/gawking passersby make me want to curl up in the fetal position.

Behind The Seams wrote:


. wrote:

cute photos! i love your calf muscles, so hot. no wonder u cant take off them shoes! i love it. i love dressing up at home sometimes with the BF. and i wear my chloes at home all the time! hahah


Ohhh I need your shoes and dress, darling <3

and thanks for the comments, glad you are liking my new layout, love :]


Gladys wrote:

i would get a lot of looks too! it happens when i wear a similary form fitting dress by bcbgeneration. it's disturbing. i just want to look nice and be proud of what i have and people start staring.

but you look amazing and very professional looking. :)

heidi wrote:

you are so stunning! and this dress looks like it was made for you.

Vertiginoso wrote:

Wooooow Your Body con-esque Dress really suits You Perfectly, just like a (Roaring !!!) expression of "SEXY GLAMorous subtlety" . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Sophia wrote:

Woah, not Herve Leger? I was completely convinced!

Eeli wrote:

Wholly sh*t you have one enviable physique! And i say this in a completely heterosexual-only admiring your body-i know you have a bf-sort of way haha

Body con dress looks amazing and the shoes. Fierce!

I'll zip an email off to you soon about your address? And then zoon that package off to ya!

Oh, and yes i will sleep earlier, methinks 6 today? teehee ^_^

Much love my dear


welcometoviolence wrote:

those heels are amazing. your so pretty.

Anika wrote:

Whoa, the dress is insanely amazing. It's one of the best knockoffs I've seen.
And loving the shoes, was so tempted by them when I first saw them. Good choice ;)

The Style Of Vintage wrote:

nice blog!

Jules wrote:

Oh my.
I love the shoes..
They are so amazing.=)
And that dress looks fab on you girl.
Great post!!
Keep on posting and writing.
I hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it.=)
Have a nice day..;D

Unknown wrote:

i bet you're a real head turner. i love the dress. so sexy on you.

Hafidz wrote:

wow wow wow wow, I like it u blog friend, u beautifullllllll

Anonymous wrote:


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