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January 24, 2009

Went out testing a new Canon today. Definitely came out to my liking, hence my indecision leading to photo overloadedness here. What I don't like though is the top. My first attempt at DIYing, so I figured I'd hack away at something I wasn't ever going to wear. The material was all wrong for unpicking so I ended up just slashing away. I hate how it still came out so clingy despite the massive chunks I tore out of it. Shall have to make a fresh attempt with something else.

I'll try to get back on the comments tomorrow but since I'm spending the majority of it at work, that would seem somewhat overly optimistic! Stupid job. Stupid money.

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JW wrote:

Hey! the top is not that bad after all! I like it. and the short skirt too! Just gorgeous! :)


Tamia wrote:

We must be on the same wavelength as I was hacking away on some old leggings just yesterday. I think I scared The Boy!

And I'm not sure whose idea it was to have to work for money, but I'm over it. Fin!

By the way, I tagged you :)

Unknown wrote:

Don't worry about the commenting, hun! Job and money comes first!

Anika wrote:

Adore the skirt and shoes! Are those knockoff Givenchy's from Zomp? Loooove!

And I like the diying....I do understand the need for something baggy and beat-up though, so good luck :)

Have a great weekend bella!

j. wrote:

YOUR shoes totally distracted me from the awesomeness of your DIY. *sighs* I want those Givenchy-ish lovelies. *sighs a second time*


Eeli wrote:

lol don't sweat getting back to us, you just look after yourself dear :)

yiqin; wrote:

You look so damn sexy in that skirt! ;)

What is Reality Anyway? wrote:

looking chic missy!

styledigger wrote:

OhI love this look. Very 80!

Noelle Chantal wrote:

the DIY is not bad at all. the skirt looks really nice especially the shoes!

La Mode is Rad! wrote:

Love the skirt and the shoes!

don't eat my rice wrote:

How many of us want to run home RIGHT NOW and do this?? I've already planned a pair of destroyed shorts tonight, the tank is definitely next.

. wrote:

just found ur blog<3 would u like to trade links? i think i have that skirt!

Vertiginoso wrote:

Woooooow Or When "anatomic BOMBshell-ity" meets "feline Gracefulness"!!! I am frankly mesmerized by the (electrifying)stylish mix "GLAMazon-esques" peep-toe sandals / short skirt, SEXYness in She-Devil !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Angela wrote:

those cage heels and that skirt are to die for!

haha i'm trying to enjoy the life of a highschool student as much as possible i really dont want to work ahah

Bella Harris wrote:

Seriously always foxy!

Glad you're having fun witht e new Canon... the shots are amazing!

Jessie wrote:

Haha hey same to you! Oh I know eh! I love red envelopes =D that's one of the reasons why I love Chinese NY so much! Stink about the midsem test though, at least it's overrr now! =D

Oh I know, I had been contemplating it for ages though, and I thought heck I can control myself! I've only got a $500 limit on it so hopefully the spending won't get too insane =D

Oh haha, yea that's fair enough! If you're gonna invest in something then it should be perfect =)! Oh thanks! I'm selling that on TM coz I'm in need of some money too so hopefully it'll go well =D! Ah I see, I saw them on gojane.com (same company? different name? who knows!) and they're in my size... I'm contemplating it... eeek!! Thanks for the info though! =D they look so amazing on you!

Wow haha, why the switch from biosci to stats? Nice! Oooh what's econ204 like? I'm taking stats208 and econ201 next sem so hopefully they'll be good! =D

Oh those silly roadworks eh! Even more of a mish to get around campus now =( But you should so rock out your heels! Esp since you always look so good in them! Oh and I loooveee this outfit! The shirt the skirt and the heels! Perfect =D

Charmaine Li wrote:

those shoes are INCREDIBLEEE... so strappy and baaad hehehe. you look great hun!

Ti Dickenson wrote:

actually...i like the shirt

Angela wrote:

i actually really like the top on you. you have the confidence to totally rock it, and you did.

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Shred'tastic and I love those heels. You're definitely one of my shoe-soul-sisters! =]


Anonymous wrote:

I love your shoeas.

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