January 6, 2009

knit and shorts, Just Jeans; top, Supre; bag, Equip; vintage belt; shoes, Andrea Biani.

Yes, guilty as charged. I have been away for far too long. Am actually glad that things are starting to quieten down again. The blog has been on my agenda for some time now. But due to a lack of inspiration in general, I considered my ensembles over the holidays much too blah for me to bother posting. Quite possibly this may have been linked to my lack of funds and the consequent non-purchasing of spanking new items to play with. Anyhoo, I intend to change that.

On a totally obscure tangent, I have been obsessing over Twilight for the past week. I wonder if anyone else is suddenly rather taken with idea of becoming a vampire and moving to a small town where it rains perpetually? It's probably just me.

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Unknown wrote:

Nope! Not just you, hun. I've spent the last week of my holidays ploughing through the book, google image searching Robert Pattison, and am going to see it for the second time tonight! Oh how embarassing. Along with all the other 13 year old girls. *Cringe* But how can you help it? Just look at the guy! I don't even mind he looks a little homeless in some photos. Ha!

Glad you're back, Marcella! Your shoe game is, as usual, on point! You're one of the few ppl I know who can pull off denim shorts. Fierce fierce.


Bella Harris wrote:

Finally you're back! And trust me, it's not just you... Twilight has become quite the cult. lol-xxx

And you're looking gorgeously stylish as always babe!


this wheel's on fire wrote:

you look gorgeous!! xo


Happy New Year, LOVE!

Your comment wow, that means a lot coming from the SHOE QUEEN herself ;) thank you!!
I adore these on you today- by the way! :)

XO thank you.

Shannon wrote:

oh so cute!
you're like the kiwi equivalent of rumi ;)


those shoes are amazzzing.

*sigh i miss the summer days!!!

hope ur keepin warm!

how was ur New years? do anything eventful?


Chopstick wrote:

So glad you're back! :D Also, those shoes are to die for. I tried on a pair today and wanted to steal them! steal them, I say! >:) I'm going to see Twilight this weekend! Can't wait!!!

yiqin; wrote:

The lighting in the photos are so great! You look so pretty!

Jessie wrote:

Haha! Oh noes, it's just MV of I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. But yer, I feel your pain! First day and I'm already hating it! It's terrible sitting in LibB28 and knowing that it's amazingly sunny outside! Which paper are you taking? Oh and what degree are you doing if you don't mind me asking?

Oohh I see haha, oh don't worry, I'm sure you're not as bad as I am. I say "rofl" in RL. lol?

Ahh I see...Mmmmm I think I need to do some more research before I buy! I think that's what my boyf has too but I'm not too sure! I'm definitely sticking to the Nikon or the Canon though!

Ooohhh you are sooo lucky! I hope you got him something nice too in return =)

And ahh I lovee lovee loveee those shoes! I saw them when I went to the Sole sale, and I wanted to get them soooo badly but they didn't fit no matter how much I tried! =( They're so divine <3

Anika wrote:

Hi, just found your blog and I love your style!

Happy New Year also :)

p.s. I did like the Twilight books, for the cheese factor. And then I watched the movie. And nearly died of laughter. Worst. Thing. Ever. Am I right? :D

Noelle wrote:

Hi from Brazil!

Oh... I loved your pictures!

Vertiginoso wrote:

AND Blue is virulently electrifying with a "denim short shorts Goddess" like You . . . until your exquisite feline's toes !!!
ps: Happy New Year to You "across the Oceans" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

JW wrote:

Ooo, love the bag! and shoes! You look gorgeous!!

Molly wrote:

i've not even read the books. i am so uncultured...

awh thankyou, i love your blog too!
lovely shoes, and nice outfit :)

molly xo

Tamia wrote:

The Twilighters have gotten to you, too? Noooo!

Love the new header, though. And the shoes are fierce.

Anonymous wrote:

you look gorgeous!! & those shoes are simply amazing.

i've been a bit obsessed with twilight as well :)

La C.

pumps & luiers wrote:

you always have so awesome shoes - love the look and totally jealous of the weather

the Oracle of Style wrote:

AMAZING pictures! I love your shoes and the bag:)
Have a nice day!

Anonymous wrote:

Minus the rain, I'm all for the Twilight plot line. I secretly wish that fantastic creatures actually lived among us. It'd make life so much mor einteresting...

PS: Have you seen the movie? What'd you think?

Jane wrote:

Amazing again! Im adding you to my blog list. Wana link exchange?

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