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January 6, 2009

kookai dress; diva accessories; leather jacket, on trademe.

This is one of those dresses that I convinced myself I needed to own in three different colours should the need for them all ever arise. Oddly enough, I'm still waiting for said opportunities to present themselves. Wonder if anyone else does this?

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this wheel's on fire wrote:

WOW truly gorgeous!!

Eeli wrote:

Ahhhh, THAT kind of dress. This is why i have a cupboard full of bleach and dyes! In fact i think you've given me an idea to blog about next.

Btw, that header is perfect for your blog. Resonates JUST what your title says.

Hot outfit too! Hope you party-hardies your way to 09!

What is Reality Anyway? wrote:

gorgeous x

Chopstick wrote:

Hahaha, I so know what you mean! That dress is gorgeous, by the way. And I'm definitely gonna look out for the leather jacket on trademe when you put it up! (if it is within my reach, I will most definitely be tempted to click "buy now" option!)

JW wrote:

WOW! Really love the leather jacket! Gorgeous!


Thanks, Marcella :]

I love your new header, and these photos. Goshh, I need to break out my shoes, I haven't worn them yet.... due to rain :[


Shannon wrote:

Yeah Rumi's great!
Another cute outfit for sure!

Baybay Mama wrote:

That leather jacket is killer!

Trish wrote:

You look really pretty, dear! :)

Vertiginoso wrote:

Or how to decline the "néo-romantic art of Bucolic escapade" in such a Sexy/"GLAM Rock-issime" way !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

yiqin; wrote:

I lvoe how you pair a leather jacket wit sucha dress! You pull it off perfectly <3

Jaime Jun wrote:

GORGEOUS outfit! i love everything about it :)

Anonymous wrote:

you are drop dead gorgeous, darling. i want that jacket & dress!!

La C.

Molly wrote:

bodycon is hot for spring, and your one of the few people i've seen that can pull it off...
lovely jacket, you wear such nice clothes! xx

Unknown wrote:

hi Marchella! sorry for the late reply - it was really crazy actually, but the good kind of crazy!

I was given a very expensive christmas present last year - I thought I would be more reasonable this year haha. Was Santa good to you btw? =)

I saw a cute one in a shop on High Street but it was pretty expensive though :( Can't remember the shop's name!

This leather jacket looks amazing on you btw! why are you selling it?

Anonymous wrote:

OWWWW! You look amazing, and the details on the dress are so great... I love the piecing of the fabric.

Can't wait to see the other colors and how you wear them (:

Bella Harris wrote:

I love it... and do the same thing. I find something I can't live without, and subsequently convince myself that I ALSO can't live without every color known to man.

But you rock it babe, gorgeous as ever... especially paired with that jacket!

Eeli wrote:

Marcella. E-mail me!!!!!!! You have no point of contact outside blogger. You're the next link hun (if you'd like to be of course)

My e-mail is

Otherwise i can ring you! For which you still need to email me for anyways :P


jaleh behtash wrote:

this is so fierce. seriously. i love everything!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) wrote:

love your shoes hin! first time on your blog..its fantastic! xx LM

Tamia wrote:

You look like such a babe! Guess you can cross "cropped leather jacket" off of your wishlist--that one is fab!

Jane wrote:

HEy, Just discovered your blog!
You have great style. I love this outfit.
Buying the same thing is different colours is one bad fashion habit I dont have... I have the rest tho!

pumps & luiers wrote:

I tagged you - check my blog!

Anika wrote:

Hey gorgeous,
Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply!

Yes, the dress my sister's wearing is from valleygirl (mine's from a market in Melbourne :)

And, LOVE your jacket. I would maim people for that...will check out trademe.....and drool maybe? :P

Take care bella, and yes, I'd love to swop links. Have added you :)

Anonymous wrote:

wow really amazing model!!!!!This color matches me well.This is the only pair for ever ...some times my mother takes my high heels...what a different make.I just tore my old born to wear this "Harley Davidson Desire Boots"
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Anonymous wrote:

the only items i might consider buying in several colors is basics. but generally i am very hesistant having different versions of the same thing. i can never think of any use for it.

Noelle Chantal wrote:

the leather jacket is very nice and it matches very well with the dress and the shoes! nice photos, great blog!

Jessie wrote:

Oh love this! This leather jacket is a darling! I saw it on TM, why are you selling it? Dress looks lovely on you too!

Wow no way! I'm doing Econ and Stats major too, kinda got Finance and Maths in there too, but don't laugh! I feel like a total geek but I actually really enjoy those subjects (I know, don't laugh! Haha) Which year are you in? I could sooo do with some advice as too which econ/stats papers I should take =D

Oh harem pants for $60?! Insane! You should just make some from jersey fabric! I got mine from Valleygirl before Xmas for $15!! I was soo stoked because they were on sale and I had been looking for them everywhere!

Ahh I would love to do the heels at uni thing, I've been contemplating that one actually, but I'm sure I'd get a feel WTF looks from people so I'm deciding against it...for now!


Slanelle wrote:

great outfit!

i devour fashion wrote:

i love the dress and those shoes!! =)

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