December 16, 2008

valleygirl dress; equip accessories.

Yikes I know it has been weeks since my last post. Work and RL have been insane. The Xmas workup and the inevitable advent of Boxing Day can pretty much be likened to the arrival of the Apocalypse when you work in retail.

Anyways, here is my half-ass attempt at a new post. These were taken after a friend's Greek-themed 21st last weekend. Please excuse the abysmal quality - it was 2am and we were drunk.

And I am just hopelessly behind on my comments. I will try to get back to you all before the end of the week, promise!


December 2, 2008

I had so much fun editing these photos. 3 hours of my life seemed a small price to pay for the perfect image blend. It did at the time, anyway.