November 28, 2008

For some obscure reason, it never occurred to us that rather than making extraneous excursions out to find some new exotic locations for photos, the garden outside the house was actually pretty damn ideal. The boyf and I only had to look to his frontyard for plenty of props and lush scenery, with the only downside being the occasional need to duck under the hedges while the neighbours passed by walking their dogs. Dressing up to the nines right outside your house and trying to climb swings in heels is hardly normal behaviour.

stairway to nowhere

November 24, 2008

Rainy Monday afternoon - perfect time for me to spend catching up on here. My weekend wasn't terribly exciting, the highlight being dinner out at a Japanese restaurant for Dad's birthday. We went out to Karin in the middle of Parnell. The decor at this place was impressive and the food simply exquisite, both in taste and presentation. It was definately authentic which is nice for a change.


November 20, 2008

I found the coveted white tee at last! At Supre, no less. Granted, I had to brave the hordes of teenies and their pretentious mothers, who deep down inside are desperately hoping some inkling of youth will rub off on them by being in Supre, literally waded through a seafloor of clothes enough for all of Africa (Supre's idea of a sale), and potentially suffered long term damage to my hearing while browsing near the strategically well placed speakers, BUT in the end: it was worth it. I regret not having a better of shot of it here in these photos, there's actually a cute little breast pocket which you can't see underneath the blazer. I shall have to remember for next time.

In other news, I bought a leather jacket off eBay! Now that the haze of satisfaction and frenzied high is clearing, I am appalled to recall that I slapped it on my credit card. Which held all the funds for my survival this summer holiday.

Oh god, I better go find a nice cardboard box.

fun with Poly

November 19, 2008

The kind of things I would buy if I was a rich girl... which incidently, doesn't look very likely to be anytime soon since the job I'm applying for is totally giving me the run around - had two interviews + a "trial hour" of working and they STILL haven't made up their mind yet. Très frustrating to say the least. My precious $$$ earning time is whittling away... am thinking maybe I should take your advice, V.

< /end rant> Yes anyhow, point is I must get job soon - suffering from major spending withdrawal right now. Haven't acquired anything pretty in a long time. *pout* Those shoes look sooo good...

On a random note, had no idea I was featured here!

The polyvore items: Ombre tank, La Garçonne. Sheer blouse, www.musthaves.dk. Shoes, Topshop. Handbag, vintage Chanel 2.55. Sunglasses, Carrera. Leather skirt, Maison Martin Margiela.


November 15, 2008

The debut of the sequinned capelet I mentioned in my last post! I would have much preferred to have worn it over a white tee than a tank but for reasons that continue to escape me, I literally cannot seem to find one in store anywhere. A thin loose cotton tee is apparently a scarce commodity around here. But thick spandexy material ones with ruched sleeves appear to be thriving at an alarming rate...

And on the subject of alarming things, since when did it become commonplace to conduct two interviews with an applicant for a basic retail position in a chain store? I must have missed something while I have been out of the workforce, because I was rather taken aback at the end of my interview today to be told that I should be looking forward to a second. Woe.


November 14, 2008

I went thrift shopping with my boyfriend today. Great fun seeing as we managed to pick out some awesome finds which he bought for me - including a black blazer, sequinned capelet, and belts which I am just dying to post up! Wearing this jumpsuit was really not the smartest thing to do (note to self: One piece = HIGHLY impractical) but then when am I ever practical?

Hmmm yeah, never.


November 10, 2008

I wore this for a trip out to Sylvia park the other day. It was supposed to be a job-hunting excursion but of course, the intension was doomed from the start. Frolicking around the shops blew all traces of that from my mind.


November 7, 2008

YES! Am done with exams - going out tonight to celebrate!

Dress; modified Glassons.

leather and studs

My boyfriend lent me his manly 'wrist straps' (not bracelets!- apparently) a little while ago. I don't think he's going to see them again. *gleeful cackle* These will become an excellent addition to my wardrobe...

All of you seemed to adore those boots in my last post - would it surprise you to know that they were styled off a Jessica Simpson Collection design? Whodathunkit.

My exams have gone well so far - in the sense that I have turned up to all of them ha! My last one is on Monday. My boyfriend will be getting a new digital SLR camera soon too so am super excited about it!

Studded cuff & leather strap; Hallensteins. Belt; vintage. Shorts; supre.

on the fence

November 1, 2008

I am waging a constant battle against procrastination but I have come to the conclusion that its onset is rather inevitable, and must be satisfied irregardless of the dire consequences (ie Failing all exams). Hence these photos that I promised myself I would not touch until next week have wormed their way onto here.

Argh, cannot wait until next Monday!!