under the cherry tree

September 26, 2008

once again

September 24, 2008

Lee supatubes, $39. (SOLD)

Floral chiffon skirt, $19.

Vintage sequin embellished cami, $10.

Denim hotpants, $25.

Tall Roman sandals, $55.

Gladiator sandals, $49.

As promised, part 3 of my spring cleanout has begun, in what I hope will be the last humungous bulk lot. I have cleared out sufficient space in my closet to justify the obtaining of shiny new things *muahaha*. Apart from what's photographed above, I also have a Guess bag, a rather vixenish bustier dress, and a sparkly sparkly sequinned harness dress up for sale too. Go check them out.

all changes to silver glass...

September 23, 2008

Just a few outtakes from the weekend's photo session my boyfriend and I did for the store. It'd be a shame to not put them on here just because they weren't of anything I'm selling. I have another lot of auctions which I will hopefully have up and running by tonight. Would have posted sooner but I had just the most *awful* test last night at uni. I shudder to think of what would become of the world if the future of genetic research were in my hands.

Oh, and the outfit. Blazer, vintage. Top, Supre. Skirt, Valleygirl. Gold cuff, eQuip. Sandals, will be up for auction soon!

those boots

September 17, 2008

Not much of an interesting outfit today, just thought I'd debut my new boots, which I have so wisely purchased at the end of winter. They're a takeoff of the Minnetonka moccasin style of course. I seem to be really into fringe right now... hmmm I sense a pair of fringe sandals sneaking their way into my wardrobe very soon.

Halter top, Temt. Tank (worn underneath) & skirt, Supre. Cap, Glassons. Boots, thrifted.


September 14, 2008

Dress & Belt, Supre. Vest, Valleygirl. Shoes, Glaze.

florals and stonehouses

September 13, 2008

I wore this out today to a lunch date with my boyfriend. He took me to Mecca Stonehouse for some scrumptious French toast. Of course we couldn't pass up a photo op while we were there. I hope we amused some fellow lunchgoers.

Tee, Supre. Skirt & shoes, f21. Scarf & belt, vintage. Bracelet, Equip. Shoulder bag, Strandbags.


September 12, 2008

I uum-ed and aah-ed over this bag for ages and finally decided to get it yesterday fearing that the last one would sell and be forever gone from my grasp. Of course, I went past the store today and saw they got a whole bunch of new ones in on the shelf. In a better colour.

Hmmm... curse you Strandbags.

Blazer & belt, vintage. Top & skirt, Supre. Shoes, Glaze. Chain necklace, f21. Cross necklace, Farmers. Bag, Strandbags.


I have been drooling over the fashion smorgasbord that is New York Fashion Week for the past couple of days now so I'd thought I'd share some of it here... so we can all be insanely envious.

Grecian-inspired skirts and dresses - one of my biggest weaknesses - featured heavily in this collection. As did feminine jumpsuits and pants, all in the most amazing palette of silver, brown and vibrant teal jewel tones. Oh, and the shoes!... to die for! One of the best from Max Azria I've seen.

My favourite designer when it comes to evening gowns, Marchesa did not disappoint me here. As usual, the detailing on the dresses is exquisite, and epitomises luxe elegance. I would kill for my wedding dress to be a piece by Miss Chapman. A girl can dream right?

Narciso Rodriguez is not usually a designer I take much notice of. (Possibly because I am subconsciously bias after finding a perfume of his rather offensive...?) But, I am pleasantly surprised after seeing this collection. Chic and edgy, I adore the criss-cross and cutout take on the body-con dresses. That last gown isn't bad either. I <3 sequins (and all shiny embellishments for that matter).

This just screams sex appeal to me. So badass. I now have a sudden urge to trade in my entire wardrobe for black and white ultra-short things. Preferably in nothing but denim and leather. Now if only I could trade in my legs too for longer skinnier ones then everything will be just perfect.

the latest

September 7, 2008

Satin skirt, $20. T-bar heels, $25.

Lace up top, $10. Gladiators (in brown), $45.

Tall gladiator sandals, $55. (Sold)

Beaded grecian dress, $25.

Black satin halter, $10.

Huge photo overload, I know! I'm sorry but I have so much trouble picking out my favourite ones. These auctions were a bit rushed too, I'm trying to time them all to ending on a Sunday night. So basically, I had to cram a photoshoot, editing and listing all in one day. Yikes, that taught me to never leave it till the last minute again! Thanks for all the lovely comments by the way - I love reading what other people think so keep 'em coming :)


Even though you can't see much detail in the foreground, I love how the colours of these photos turned out. This is probably my favourite post so far actually.

vanilla bar

What I wore out last night to a 21st. (From which my ears are still recovering!) That red lippy is awesome, even if it is infallible, and the only way to get it off is to slowly eat it off over the next day...

Jacket, Living Doll. Top, supre. Studded belt, vintage. Leather skirt, modified vintage. Necklace, equip.


September 1, 2008

Today is officially the beginning of spring. Thank god! My boyfriend and I ran around all day yesterday trying to make the most of the miraculous sunny spell. So sweet of him - though I do feel bad that he's getting caught up in this fashion blog thing. Hmmm. (If you're reading this hun, thank you soooo soo much, I love you lots!). We shot up a storm for all my TradeMe listings, which I stayed up til some ungodly hour last night putting up. Today I thought I'd post some random ones that we sneaked in between, namely all the scenery/green plant closeups haha! They're pretty amazing quality ones don't you think?

[Outfit 1] Blazer, vintage. Belt, vintage. Top, Supre. Shorts, for sale (Sold). Heels, for sale (Sold).
[Outfit 2] Blouse, f21. Skirt, supre. Heels, for sale (Sold).