December 16, 2008

valleygirl dress; equip accessories.

Yikes I know it has been weeks since my last post. Work and RL have been insane. The Xmas workup and the inevitable advent of Boxing Day can pretty much be likened to the arrival of the Apocalypse when you work in retail.

Anyways, here is my half-ass attempt at a new post. These were taken after a friend's Greek-themed 21st last weekend. Please excuse the abysmal quality - it was 2am and we were drunk.

And I am just hopelessly behind on my comments. I will try to get back to you all before the end of the week, promise!

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pumps & luiers wrote:

you totally got the greek-look: a greek godess!

Unknown wrote:

There is some fearsomely fierce Grecian goddess action going on here, Marcella! Just ridiculously amazing. I didn't even pick it as a costume.

Vertiginoso wrote:

OOooooh YES, just like a "contemporary Grecian Goddess" !!! I especially like the precious arm-ankle, full of powerful Gracefuness (and the subtle "flashy fetish touch" on your fashionista's pretty toes ) . . .
ps: I give "Style advices" on "stilettosteticooooooooooo" !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Bella Harris wrote:

Oh you look so lovely... drunk or not your channeling the goddess beautifully.


Anonymous wrote:

you look like a grecian goddess! i'm in love with the dress!

La C.

Shannon wrote:

Those shoes are insanely awesome.
Great job...you look gorg.

Eeli wrote:

Despite this 'abysmal' aattempt you talk of you still look hella hot hun. Sory its been too long (for reasons too sad to say) but i'm back starting afresh and hoping you havn't forgotten me lol.

Blitz the work-stuff so you can hop on again k ;) No pressure... no pressure, seriously though just get back whenever you can and in the meantime have FUN but be safe this festive season :D

the Oracle of Style wrote:

Oh, you look like an angel! Those boots are extraordinary:)

Thanks for the comment:*

Angela wrote:

fierce greek goddess!

That dress could actually pass as a cocktail dress with those killer heels!

Unknown wrote:

You look so pretty Marcella! yes it has been very busy - not that I'm complaining though. I've been looking for a job for so long that I'm kind of enjoying it right now :) but i'll resume to blogging v soon :)

take care & have a lovely Christmas



grecian goddess, you look gorgeous!!!

Have a merry christmas darlin!

chris L.

styledigger wrote:

You look like a antique godness! I really love your dress and those amazing sandals.

Have a happy New Year!

Anonymous wrote:

Man, I wish it was warm enough for greek-themed parties here! Love the headband, by the way...

Molly wrote:

those shoes are INCREDIBLE


Happy New Year's. I love the headband and dress. The gold sandals are the perfect touch. TOTAL GREEK GODDESS! x

Jessie wrote:

Happy New Year Marcella!!! Ahh you look so gorge! You pull that Grecian look off sooo well!! =D
Ooh you work at RL? Or..?
Sorry for my incredly late reply! I've been soo busssyyyy!! Eek!
Oh I sooo know what you mean about the not enough mayo eh! I usually ask them for more if they seem nice haha!
Haha baking's so fun! You should do it if you have time! Doesn't take that long and it'll turn out just fine if you follow the recipe and don't skip steps ;)
Haha I'm not sure yet! I'm thinking maybe a Nikon?? The boyf has a Nikon and it seems to work quite nicely! =D I haven't looked that much into it though so I'm not tooo sure! But I don't want to spend tooo much on it seeing as it'll be my first y'know? What camera do you use? Any suggestions or tips? =)
Oh and I added you to my blogroll (or whatever it's called!) if that's okay! =)

Audrey Leighton wrote:

i loveee this dress,
your beautiful!


i devour fashion wrote:

i love grecian dresses and you nailed it darlin'! this is just ethereal...

btw, hope you won't mind us exchanging links?

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