December 2, 2008

I had so much fun editing these photos. 3 hours of my life seemed a small price to pay for the perfect image blend. It did at the time, anyway.

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Jaime Jun wrote:

the scenery, photography, clothes, and YOU are all beautiful!

Bella Harris wrote:

Looks like 3 hours well worth it... the images are divine.
I'd kill for this type of weather, and while you look stunning as always... the leopard suit is super sexy.


Unknown wrote:

These are beautiful, Marcella! I love the superimposed images.

Dakota77 wrote:

Beautiful pictures! Evwerything's perfect in them:-)

pumps & luiers wrote:

I'm so jealous on the weather you're having!!!
Nice bading suit!

Sara Luxe wrote:

oh wow these have made my day . how did u do the blend ? photoshop? i cant use the damn thing i need help ! xx

jaleh behtash wrote:

you are so pretty. i love your swimsuit and coverup!

Angela wrote:

Welll your 3 hours of tedious editing paid off! The pictures (and you) ARE GORGEOUS!

And way to make the northern hemisphere jealous! No warmth here in New York :(

Miranda wrote:

WOW :) pretty girllllllll hahahaha
where is this? it looks gorgeous, as do you !

Jessie wrote:

WOW omg this is gorgeous but I'm not the first one to think so! I love love love your swimsuit! Where did you get it from? It's amazing on you! Is this near MBay somewhere? =)
Haha oh dear, maybe I'll put off eBay shopping for a little while, I'm saving up for Xmas pressies =)
Haha oooh Hallensteins, I like the way you shop! Nice!
Yep, I'm going to DIY that shirt with the studs! I've got all my materials ready...just got to snap out of lazy mode and do it! =D

Vertiginoso wrote:

Astonishing landscape and Breathtaking skyline !!! You frankly look like a wild "Beach Tigress" full of mesmerizing delicacy . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine


these are lovely! and i love ur editing job. what program do u use?

i adore ur blog! i'll be following u around now ;)



Paradise indeed.

Oh, how I love your caftan and one-piece. Goddess-like!! xx

Thanks for dropping by, your comments are always so lovely and always so welcome! <3

xx love.....

Syd wrote:


Charmaine Li wrote:

i love the first photo!!! beautiful scenery and you're beautiful!!! love your hat :)

Terence Sambo wrote:

wow u're in great shape!! wats ur secret? pilates???? wow amazing were these photographs shot for a magazine??

Great post, do drop by my blog and show some love got an interview u'll not wanna miss :o)

Nemerae wrote:

OMG that's just The Paradise! *.* breath-taking place, girl.
I love that blue see and also your tunic(wow!!*.*) and swimsuit, they are fabolous and you look perfect on them :)

j. wrote:

Those could be ads, actually! Especially the last one-- I would so buy that swimsuit..

I miss the beach.. not that I like swimming in open water-- I just like the calm atmosphere.



styledigger wrote:

I LOVE the last one. Your photos are always so beautiful!!!!

Shes Dressing Up wrote:

These are just perfect

Anonymous wrote:

They're beautiful! Definitely worth it.

I got the vest from Recycle Boutique, a secondhand store. But I've since seen them in Glassons and Cotton On!

the Oracle of Style wrote:

You are so beautiful!
I love your swimsuit:)

Have a nice day!

Unknown wrote:

such beautiful shots! Isn't that beach somewhere around Bucklands beach btw?

Trendology wrote:

those photos are incredible!!
i'm jealous, i would love to be somewhere so warm and gorgeous right now!

Jessie wrote:

Haha yea! It's because of the awesome weather that I don't end up blogging much and stuff!

Ooh..I like St Heliers Bay a lot better than MBay! It's just so much cleaner and not as packed eh! Kohi's really good too! And I did see your swimsuit on Trademe! I hope you got good money for it! It's awesome! But not the kind of thing that I'd be able to pull off hehe.

Yup sure is the one near uni! You go to AU too?

Anonymous wrote:

beautifully edited. & need i say how much i love your bathing suit?!

La C.

Anonymous wrote:


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