November 15, 2008

The debut of the sequinned capelet I mentioned in my last post! I would have much preferred to have worn it over a white tee than a tank but for reasons that continue to escape me, I literally cannot seem to find one in store anywhere. A thin loose cotton tee is apparently a scarce commodity around here. But thick spandexy material ones with ruched sleeves appear to be thriving at an alarming rate...

And on the subject of alarming things, since when did it become commonplace to conduct two interviews with an applicant for a basic retail position in a chain store? I must have missed something while I have been out of the workforce, because I was rather taken aback at the end of my interview today to be told that I should be looking forward to a second. Woe.

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I have the go jane version too, well, I will, once they arrive. I missed the boat on the Bebe ones, and only size 6.5 was left. I'm an 8.5. Yours looks just like the Bebe's which makes me anticipate mine coming in the mail even more so!! Receiving packages is like Christmas. :)

Great vest and heels here on you too, I want to raid your shoe closet!! <333

Bella Harris wrote:

The capelet was a fantastic find, and even though you hoped for a nearl-impossible tee, obviously it looks incredible with the tank as well!

The skirt is probably my favorite aspect of this look... I been hunting one for the longest time, but like you and your white tee... seems impossible to find!


Unknown wrote:

Eeeek sequinned capelet! I am dead jealous. I'm desperate for a floppy gold capelet version myself. And congrats on getting to the 2nd round of intervierws - however unexpected it was to have to go through another hoop!

Miranda wrote:

love the skirt! :)
and i mean i found you on http://www.webfashionawards.com/

Unknown wrote:

I find it also applies for singlets! I couldn't find a proper loose/light one, so I bought this men's tee from the $3 shop & made it myself!

The 2nd interview might be for the initiation/training..? I had my first group interview last week -scary! luckily I got the job though :>

Unknown wrote:

hah it's pretty awesome actually! It's good to be back :)

I know what you mean - I was stressing about the whole not-getting-a-job-for-summer thing but yeah it feels good not to be "unemployed". I actually got a job at Cotton On! If I knew you were looking for I job, i could have told you!! :( they had group interviews 2 days last week and basically everyone who applied were told to come & their friends who accompanied them were asked if they wanted to do the interview too - and most of them got it, even though they weren't looking for one!

I don't know if they are still recruiting but try applying on their website!

good luck

WendyB wrote:

I covet your capelet.

Mimi wrote:

The heels are killer and the skirt and vest so nice.


Thanks, aw I voted for you too! You are a Style Icon. I think Fringe and Studs are just too lovely to pass up, on anything. :) By the way, where are those sandals you have on from!? Imagine a shoe swap!!!

shopruche.com wrote:

Hi Marcella,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog as well as my boutique!

Noelle Chantal wrote:

nice outfit! i added you to my fave! :) i love your effortless looking style.

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