stairway to nowhere

November 24, 2008

Rainy Monday afternoon - perfect time for me to spend catching up on here. My weekend wasn't terribly exciting, the highlight being dinner out at a Japanese restaurant for Dad's birthday. We went out to Karin in the middle of Parnell. The decor at this place was impressive and the food simply exquisite, both in taste and presentation. It was definately authentic which is nice for a change.

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Jaime Jun wrote:

aww thank you sweetie! but wow i love YOUR blog! your style and clothes are amazing, i must add you! :) i'm so glad i found your site!

aizat.cinta.goddess wrote:

you have the supernice heels!

Anonymous wrote:

It sounds much more enjoyable than my weekend! (which was spent working)

That tee is perfect. Is that the Supre one you mentioned in the last post? If so I'll have to go get one for myself...


Girly, every time I come onto your blog page I want your new next pair of shoes!!!! :)

I got 2 new pairs of heels, but am waiting for my brother to take some photos of me (next weekend most probably, since it's a long one) Thanks for asking. And I hear I may be getting some shoes for Christmas, too. yay.

Thanks for the warm comments, gorgeous!


Unknown wrote:

eeeeek marcella! fab and super as are working it. no one does this short skirt-heel combo better than you. I swear. Get it, girl.

Miranda wrote:

you're so pretty
but you should SMILEEEEE for us ;)
hehe but i'll admit i'm never happy with my pictures
if i smile, i look cheesy
but if i don't smile i look mad or sad or ... i don't even know
but it's nice to see people smile :)
sorry for the tangent. i like your outfit! haaha

Anonymous wrote:

I love this outfit, you always look so well put together! which camera do you/your bf use btw? Your photos are always amazing..

the food looks yummy too, I feel like sushi now :$

Bella Harris wrote:

Beautiful beautiful!!! The shoes are, of course, amazing... and I adore the stairway shots!

Classic B&W always looks stunning!


wow! how great you are! Love it all, those shoes are just what i need!!! Where is it from?

a kiss!!!

love japonese!

SOS! wrote:

cute skirt!

Charmaine Li wrote:

aww thanks!! i love that outfit of yours.. great photos too! and i'd love to trade links!

Song of Style wrote:

Wow, i heart ur style.
so clean and stylish.
everything that i like!

pumps & luiers wrote:

love the pic in the mirror - yummy diner

Zoƫ wrote:

i love these photos!! looks really good.

AliceSprings wrote:

those shoes are just amazing!

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