November 10, 2008

I wore this for a trip out to Sylvia park the other day. It was supposed to be a job-hunting excursion but of course, the intension was doomed from the start. Frolicking around the shops blew all traces of that from my mind.

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pumps & luiers wrote:

I've been ill - so have to catch up on your blog!
Ans wow, some short shorts!

Dakota77 wrote:

I love the look. Yhe top is gorgeous and it's looks great with distroyed shorts. I envy you that you can wear the shorts without tights:-)


Are these the Bebes or the Go Janes? I love them on you. HOT!

WendyB wrote:

Those tiny shorts must have been stopping traffic!

Anonymous wrote:

those shorts are so cool! are they ksubis? The weather has been so warm lately, I'm enjoying wearing my tiny shorts too!

hah it sure can be distracting, esp when you go at Silvia Park! Good luck for the job hunting :-)

Rosanna wrote:

those shorts are hot!!

Marcella wrote:

V: They're supre! haha

Anonymous wrote:


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