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November 1, 2008

I am waging a constant battle against procrastination but I have come to the conclusion that its onset is rather inevitable, and must be satisfied irregardless of the dire consequences (ie Failing all exams). Hence these photos that I promised myself I would not touch until next week have wormed their way onto here.

Argh, cannot wait until next Monday!!

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Dakota77 wrote:

Beautiful pictures again:-). Those boots ara amazing:-)

ess elsie. wrote:

ahh i know how you feel. procrastination is occurring right now in the form of me reading and commenting other people's blogs in lieu of writing massive essays.

one thing that i noticed about your outfits is that the details are always keep them interesting. like these boots and teh studded heels, or the shirt and the pleats and the bow. win-win.

Dakota77 wrote:

Marcella, what part of NZ do you live in?

Marcella wrote:

Auckland :)

Unknown wrote:

this combo is madness, girl! i love the studded belt and the grey with the khaki. hope your exams are going well.

pumps & luiers wrote:

What a cool army look

Dane wrote:

looooove the boots.

ptaszek kiwi wrote:

your boots are just gorgeous!

natalia wrote:

your boots are so fabulous!

yiqin; wrote:

You look beautiful in the second photo! & those boots are to die for!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* wrote:

I love your boots and your belt!! You have such great pictures too!!!

Dakota77 wrote:

Auckland, that must be awesome. My hubby and I have been thinking of moving to NZ for some time now, we definitely have to do so in the near future:-)
I'd love to now more about the life in NZ, is there any possibility to contact you, beside the comments?:-)

Marcella wrote:

Dakota - just email me! m.trademe@gmail.com I have no problems with answering any questions you would like to know about :)

Dakota77 wrote:

Thank you so much, I will e-mail you soon:-). I just hope I won't bore you to tears, as Im would like to know about everything, I guess;-)

Anonymous wrote:


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